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Thread: boiling or cry of the soul

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    boiling or cry of the soul

    1. The "Bazaar" card is already across the throat. It is almost never replaced. And yes, I have such a karma that if I do not go into the game I have a team of vegetables. So - once lost on this map, two, three ... when will it change already? Or when will I win? Already to nausea this "market"! (it is strange to observe how a translator writes the same word in different ways. Translated by Google).
    2. nerf has damage to Kogi and talus - I play for Vivian, turn on my ultimate ability, shoot in the forehead - they kill me. From sight I do not let them down. How so? I keep quiet about the fact that it is very difficult to get on them - they rush, flicker, small targets.
    3. when watching a replay when they killed - in some subjects the sight is not even pointed at me. Although it is more likely problems with the Internet, ping, etc., but sediment still there. Or, with the same replay views, there is hellish melting, that it is not clear who is where, who is being shot at and what is happening in general. From this the question arises - is this what people play?
    4. Highly. Straight very much need a voice command - "oh well," or "yes, as it is, then," or "you are crooked-handed" (I really don’t know how Google will translate this all). But really, when the truck is a millimeter away from the target and the tank as it specifically departs from it and that’s all, the moment is lost. And we are here, I apologize, the fifth point.
    5. Bugs - after the murder the corpse flies up, on the title page the skin of the Fernando Creepy Knight began to appear or something like that (the one that came from the winter set). But I think you already know about it.

    Thanks, I spoke out
    (but the truth with talus is something to do)
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