I'm on PC and while playing Moji (this only happens to Moji) and I die, while I'm waiting to spawn if I am still pushing some buttons(sorry don't know what ones either mouse or keyboard or a combination of) when I spawn Moji is in 3rd person very close to the camera off the the mid left of the screen. Even if you try to change from 1st to 3rd person it only makes Moji get like an inch or so closer or further from the camera but stays in 3rd person. It seems to persist through death but sometimes will correct itself after a death but never during the occurrence, only after a respawn if at all. It is very difficult to play and aim in this view and Moji blocks a lot of the screen. Sorry no screenshot. I haven't heard of anyone else having this issue and I have tried a fresh install of the game but the problem persists. Doesn't always happen but it happens enough to be too often and game ruining. Please have a look into it. Thank You!