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Thread: Effort - Rewards suggestion.

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    Effort - Rewards suggestion.

    Hey guys, ive been seeing a few videos lately that brought up how because we can buy levels, character specific skins titles etc mean nothing anymore. However ive had an idea that could be fun and also add the kind of Effort - Reward system to the game to make it feel even more rewarding to play.

    So my idea is to have each character have it's own set of challenges and milestones, for example earn x amount of kills, reward a character specific Death stamp only usable with that character.
    Other challenges could include characters ults, rewarding a special avatar, or perhaps even a new VFX for the ult which makes it look even more epic.

    #of times used character could reward a character specific mount purchasable with gold.

    Having milestones for characters that give rewards would give players more reasons to diversify the characters they play as, and give them rewards that mean something.

    If a player has completed all challenges then when they play as that character they could have a special title such as Omega (character name).

    I know it would be alot of work to implement, but I'd love to see something like this in the game i love so much, just playing for Battle pass exp can feel like a real drag when the real rewards from it are few and far apart, but having constant character goals with rewards on the side in addition would feel much more rewarding.

    Thank you for reading my suggestion, see you in game

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    I like this idea, not that hard to implement, basically the battle pass challenges are the same, of course this would mean having more titles and such so it's still require some work
    but also since we can do all of this milestones in bot still wouldn't mean a thing

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