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Thread: PS4 Rank Changes

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    PS4 Rank Changes

    I have many issues with the game but this is one of the most glaring. The rank pick system is terrible on console, I can't say much on PC since I've never played it, though .
    As you can imagine, almost nobody uses the chat as it's too long to type effectively on a gamepad. So if I want to tell a teammate to ban X hero, they'd use their ban before I could type it out.
    Secondly, the fact you can't show who you want to pick: too many times a hero you want to play will get banned even with first pick. Or worse, picking when you have no idea who your teammates want. I will often take a tank (I'm best with flanks and damages) simply because I'm not sure if any teammate will take one. You can see how problematic this is if I'm pick #2 and take my level 9 Barik instead of a flank I'm good with, and teammate #4 takes a flank when he's a tank main. And no, switching doesn't resolve this as you don't always own the same heroes.
    My solution to this is to make a system as such: teammates can suggest who they want banned and who they want to pick. Something as simple as hovering over a hero and pressing "O" to suggest a ban and "X" to suggest they want to pick this gero.
    My idea is entirely based off of the rank selection in Mobile Legends so you can see that as a reference.
    This would drastically improve the communication and in turn higher winrates as everyone would actually be playing heroes they want to rather than the guesswork you often have to do.

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    This is a great idea. I think they should expand the Vgs aswell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grinsleeper View Post
    This is a great idea. I think they should expand the Vgs aswell.
    I'm glad you agree, do you know of any way to officially get this to the developers or so I just leave it here and hope someone sees it?

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