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Thread: I think Illuminate should be removed from the game

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    I think Illuminate should be removed from the game

    In TF2, the Spy character becomes invisible and all other players can do about is raising their awareness - listen to sound cues, realize that invisible character hasn't showed up in a while, every so often look back... And keep in mind that the Spy in TF2 can kill ANYONE, no matter how much health they've got, with just one hit by backstabbing. The Spy in TF2 is way deadlier than anything we have in Paladins and yet the game provides players with an item to make invisible champions even weaker. I don't think it's fair. I think Hi-Rez should outright remove Illuminate from the game and put something else instead.

    That said, I'm not suggesting that Skye should rampage on Paladins all she wants. I think that every invisibility mechanic should have flaws built in, so players can use those flaws against invisible champions and the players on invisibility would have to use their skills to not trigger those flaws. We already have an example of that in Paladins: Skye's Hidden skill makes her invisible but it will reveal her in case she gets too close to an enemy. This is one example of what it could be done. In TF2, if a teammate Medic heals an invisible Spy, that would reveal the position of that Spy to the enemy team - that could also be done in Paladins. Plus, some champions like Vivian already have a stealth detector - skills like this could be made more useful.

    I think this change would be terrible to low-level players in general, I dmit, but I think that elevating the skill cap of this game would make it considerably more fun. What you guys think?
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    illuminate got weak range when it comes to stealth even if the play got max illuminate its still not that easy to get spotted

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    In tf2 spy is not allowed to strike for some time after cloaking, with Skye that wont work out. And these characters play styles are different. Spy you actually need to be sneaky. Skye you can just get close and kill.
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    If Illuminate will be removed from the game, then they should also remove invisibility. Or they will have to remake invisible champs into melee warriors. Only in this case your offer will be fair. Fairness extends to both sides, have you thought about that?

    In fact Skye's/Strix's problem is not in Illuminate. Illuminate is fine. The problem of these champions in absence of an escape-ability. Invisibility should be an additional ability, like Pip's explosive flask for example, or Jenos's void grip. This ability, the duration and the cool-down of which may be changed by the cards, but can also be reduced by items.

    The problem "Invisibility vs. Illuminate" for Skye and Strix is that at the third level of Illuminate they have no way to avoid a fight.

    Hi-Rez just should give escape-ability to Skye instead of a smoke screen. It could be something like temporary acceleration with the ability to climb walls, or grappling hook (like a Grover's Vine) with, say, three charges (like Androxus has), or two-three rolls (like Cassie's Dodge Roll), recharged one by one, like Kinessa's mines. Or something different if that are bad ideas.

    And for Strix they should make invisibility for pistol-mode and escape-ability for rifle-mode, switching by "Quick Switch". Not Vice versa! Because he should not be able to conduct sniper fire from invisibility.

    Some players (Skye/Strix-mainers, first of all) may not like the rework of this champs. But either you change them, or do not touch the Illuminate. Because, again, fairness extends to both sides.

    P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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    Spy is the only invisible character from tf2 and he has to get close and be sneaky to stab someone.
    Skye is just a damage dealer with stealth, illuminate makes her more counterable, if they remove illuminate they have to turn skye into an actual flanker, a melee one.

    Since her poison bolts are pretty cancerous at range , I'd rather replace it with a strong melee ability that deals a lot of damage after breaking stealth.
    700 damage at melee range
    1300 damage after breaking stealth.
    Sure it's a lot of burst but at least it's very hard to hit and you have to aim to finish your target.
    And stealth is pretty predictable even without illuminate, increase its speed
    Also.. give skye wall climb, make her an actual assassin

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