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Thread: Paladins Strike skins

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    Lightbulb Paladins Strike skins

    I was checking out Paladins Strike the other day and looked at all the champs and their skins - and was shocked!

    Why don't we have those skins in the main game?

    I mean, we have Strike Maeve and Coverd Ops Lex... But what about Mermaid Ying? Or Egyptian-Snake-God-Thing Mal Damba? (forgot the name...) Or Halloween Bat Willo? (a skin I wanted to see since Willo is released.)

    There're some pretty neat skins in Strike and it's too bad they're not in the main game because so few people play it (and I guess most of us aren't even mobile gamer at all).

    So wouldn't it be awesome to see them in the main game some day? I'd love it.
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    Things I wanna see:
    • Imani, Lex and Lian removed - especially Lian
    • A fair and rewarding ranked system
    • A minimum level to enter ranked
    • An indicator to see if someone is a bot
    • Bots that actually do something
    • A surrender-function
    • Paladins Strike skins in the main game

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    I believe it's hard to have them transferred over or something like that.
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    many posts were made here on forum, what got out of it was that it's not the same team developing these 2 games, and so it's pretty difficult to find agreements and to transfer skins and so on

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    They can't transfer the skins, but they can be redesigned.

    A bit of news for Paladins Strike players. A few weeks ago I had contacted the support team about Strike's future. I was informed that there weren't any updates planned for the game at the current time.

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