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Thread: Bomb King Bugs

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    Exclamation Bomb King Bugs

    [HTML]Game: Paladins
    Version: 2.8.3275.21
    Date: 07/22/2019
    Region: North America
    Platform: PC

    1. When trying to escape using Poppy Bomb, sometimes it will play the animation and use the ability, but nothing will happen, or it will play the Detonate animation and nothing will happen. It happens so fast that it's difficult to assess the circumstances surrounding each of these, but I've found the bug to be most frequent when just getting out of a stun or some kind of crowd control.

    2. There are times when sticky bombs won't detonate. This happens almost exclusively when they stick to an enemy. This is not to say it happens every time the bomb sticks to an enemy, but those are the only times I've seen this bug.

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    I can second about those bugs.
    I came here just to post about it.

    Quick question:

    Does Kinessa's teleport and Lex's slide cancels BK sticky bomb?
    Because I've seen it happening many times.
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