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Thread: Balancement changes for Androxus

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    Balancement changes for Androxus


    "Cursed revolver is fun and brings a lot of nostalgia but there is no reason to pick it, you can just pick the base weapon that deals much more spammable burst and it's easier to play... and don't forget that you also get the effect of defiance fist or godslayer.
    I think the old weapon should be in basekit, it would fix the problem with the talent and it would raise the skill cap that semiauto weapon and punch lowered too much"

    Now deals 620 damage every 0.5 seconds, it's no longer semiautomatic and no longer loses accuracy if fired at max speed.


    Your weapon deals 520 damage every 0.36 sec, it's now semiautomatic but it has increased recoil and spread.


    "This could be an unpopular opinion but I think that the old defiance was removed without even trying to make it better, it was a really fun and unique ability but it wasn't useful"

    Fire a burst of 3 rounds from your revolver, with reduced accuracy dealing 300 --> 400 damage per shot over 1.2 seconds.

    Bonus Damage: If you hit all 3 shots, you deal an additional 500 damage.


    Abyssal touch : each shot you hit with defiance reduces the cooldown of nether step by {0.66|0.66} sec

    Vengeance : each shot you hit with defiance heals you for {50 | 50 } sec

    Marksman : gain {6|6} % damage reduction if you hit all your shots with defiance

    Spite : reduce the inaccuracy of defiance by 10/20/30/40/50%


    Replaced with dark stalker

    Nether step has now 3 charges and it's no longer linked, every charge has 4 sec cooldown

    "I won't stop repeating that, the old flank concept is much more healty, fun and balanced for the game.
    Flank's job is rush, chase kills, fight squishy, retreat, reposition, zone, finish kills etc , right now instead their mobility is very limitied but they deal much more burst which turns them in dumb damage dealers...
    Moji, lex, koga, skye are the most problematic ones but the others need this treatment too, LESS BURST MORE MOBILITY.
    And lowering the base damage (1240 in 1 sec instead of
    1560 in 1 sec) to compensate with a good mobility talent is the way you do it.
    Remember, more ttk and more mobility

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    Quote Originally Posted by driggydrug View Post
    Remember, more ttk and more mobility
    That's what the game definitely needs. I can explain how the game works at the moment at higher Elo.
    You play damage dealers that have much BURST and much RANGE like Cassie, Lian, Bomb King, Strix (on some maps), Maeve, Sha Lin, you play characters than can increase the burst like Jenos, Torvald, Tyra. When playing damage dealers on high elo you just peak around corners spam the enemies to death, like BK, peak, spam, peak, spam, burst the enemies down. The game has pretty much no mobility at all besides Evie, Maeve, and Drogoz (who is only being picked because it's hard to hit him in the air with non-hitscans). Maeve is very bursty with Car Burglar and can delete any squishy in a bit more than a second, Evie has also good mobility and can finish kills very easily, she can make plays on her own, and is great at getting overtime and stalling the point/objective. All the other flanks are trash at the moment, because they don't have range and they don't have mobility. So....BRING MOBILITY BACK. Honestly, I'd do Androxus like that. Androxus can have a maximum of 10 dashes. Every dash has a 1 second cooldown. So, if he waits 3 seconds, he has 3 dashes, if he waits 4 seconds, he has 4 dashes, if he waits 10 seconds, he has 10 dashes. But I'm 99% sure this will never ever happen, and mobility will be dead forever. Zhin, just bring his old billow and old Hideout back. His survivability was what made him good. Now he is also pretty much a bursty spammer. I don't care about the other flanks because they are boring, braindead and just bursty close range spammers without any significant mobility, so I only propose changes for Zhin and Androxus, but for f*** sake, bring mobility back, make the game fun and not just bursty spam, getting bursted down in less than a second. I was playing Kinessa the other day, a Lian peaked out of the corner, my hp bar was full, one second later my hp bar dropped to zero. I remember few years ago it was possible to use transporter every 2 seconds or so on Kinessa and just teleport around the map like crazy. It was soooo much fun. I remember few years ago Evie could blink out of her ice block, her Soar was much faster, her blink had way more range. But no, they had to destroy mobility.

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