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Thread: I hope these are bugs or I swear on Papa Jeff himself

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    Angry I hope these are bugs or I swear on Papa Jeff himself

    Ok so characters who have the ability to go invisible have a thing where if you shoot them ( while they are invisible ) it will display the damage icon but won't reveal them.

    This is absurd when you consider that the character who can do this have the potential to one-clip / shot or burst you down incredibly quick. Skye and Strix come to mind.

    If this isn't a bug then I would want this changed because hitting someone while they're invisible should reward me with the ability to actually see them. If the problem is that it would become to easy to find them when playing characters with heavy spread then change it so that a certain amount of damage must be done before uncloaking, and no, killing them doesn't count

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    This is a fully intended feature.

    It used to be the way you wanted it to, with invisible champions being revealed when hit. But it was removed in the Steel-Forged update due to developers wanting the games mechanics to feel consistent. If you are having any trouble with a stealth champion then buying Illuminate should do the trick.

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