Io cannot shot through her deployable, fair enough it has tons of hp.
Least make the bow heal the damn creature if it cannot pierce instead of wasting moonlight healing on it.

More so if the bow pierced though foes and each shot could be charged up for a greater projectile travel speed to work at long ranges.... jeez, that would be a better weapon then the projectile heirloom rifle we received without even touching its dps ffs.

And on the note of default healing factors. Seris heal is better, safer, more secure, heals more champs and recovers faster with cards then Io's does... additonal bonus is seris aint a little bitch if given to someone who can attack the enemy backline like a beast and is a little bitch to hunt without a silence or cripple on your champ, often requiring (and setting the standard for) burst damage. Considering seris has all that... why play Io...?

Io's base character is a reactive power healing champ that sacrfices attack for healing with a janky stun effect and choke denial with a pet deployable turret.

Look I have not played it enough yet true, but I prefer playing the classics over the new breed of supports we have received since jenos.