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Thread: Does someone from HiRez read what's being written in the forum?

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    Does someone from HiRez read what's being written in the forum?

    Is it just a waste of time to write something or is there someone from HiRez that reads it? There have been so many good changes and suggestions made here, it would be great to get some kind of reply at least for some of the changes, for example lower the burst in the game and instead (re)introduce more mobility. Or make
    certain supports more survivable and not just healbots. Or the Kinessa zoom change a year ago, pretty much nobody asked for it. I'd generally appreciate if they would communicate with the playerbase when they plan on changing champions make surveys where the players can vote, whether they like they change or not and the devs could consider the opinion of the players.
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    The new forums are *very* close to release, and we're hoping this will bring more developer engagement as it will be easier to see well liked ideas.
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    I think you can answer this by checking the state of the game in comparison with what is written here.

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