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Thread: Paladins Steam Discussion Moderation Extremely Poor

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    Exclamation Paladins Steam Discussion Moderation Extremely Poor

    The moderators who take responsibility over steam's discussion forums with paladins have been consistently biased and one sided with the actions taken against banning or disciplining player accounts.
    The individuals involved in discussion moderation are corrupt and abusing the power they have been given as moderators. This is what I would consider unethical and I cannot understand why these individuals are in this position in the 1st place. They cover up their tracks by deleting any evidence that works against them and issuing a ban in order to silence the victim player.
    This is disgusting. I cannot believe that this is actually happening.
    Something needs to be done about this. This is not ok.
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    very true, moderators are indeed "corrupt"

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    hope hi rez investigates this further

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    LOL! This is the reason I almost stopped playing Paladins!!
    The moderators in charge of those forums are very unfair dude. They delete posts if they PERSONALLY don't like it and ban to show the authority they have. TOTALLY ABUSING AUTHORITY!!
    Just don't go on the discussion forums until this is dealt with.

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    Absolutely agree. Some of the worst moderation I have ever seen in the steam discussions.

    Please don't stop playing this game just because of poor moderation. They will in time be dealt with.

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