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Thread: Dismounting

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    It is a realy effective tactic, at most on the large, long maps. The matches on Fish Market are easily and usually depends on dismounting, because there are perfect field of view to any of the bases. Dismounting works with any damage, you can deal 1 damage to the enemy and still dismounted it. I don't find this tactic fair, because its too ez to do. It work total otherwise in the real life: riding people can also withstand hurts. Add some base resistance against dismounting would be great: make this tactic harder to realise and make the game more realistic. Dismounting haven't got any counter yet.

    My idea is add 50% damage reduction while riding and a 15% threshold: You have to lost the 15% of your max health (fall to 85% health) for being dismounted. You can be healed while riding but can't use skills without dismount yourself. I also think that the horse should have much lower acceleration, slower controll and higher momentum as in the real life! It could have different animations with the different speeds. And dismount yourself if you ride into a barrier.

    And add a defensive item to buff this threshold:

    Heavy cavalry: Increase the threshold of dismounting to 30%/45%/60%. Basic cost: 150

    I have much more new item ideas in an older thread in the same subforum for keep the 'same amount of items in each category' unwritten rule.
    Thanks for reading my post!

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    Much simpler. Give the horse 300 HP. Each level of master riding adds 100 HP

    Spay champs will have to track. Flanks at range will have to hit more than on shot.

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    I can relate to this. This happened to me and my team the other day and it was on Fish Market.

    I don't like a barrier hit causing a dismount.
    1) The drunk bots (AI or otherwise) would never make it anywhere
    2) The other day there was some glitching causing me to have uncontrollable "steering". I ran into basically everything.
    3) I expect gamepad users have a tougher time navigating some areas. Especially when taking some of the flank routes.

    The giving the horse health idea isn't a bad way to go. Kill the horse to cause the dismount. It does sound much simpler than adding another item.

    Additional idea: If you hit an enemy with your mount it deals x damage and forces a dismount.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowpuppy View Post
    Much simpler. Give the horse 300 HP. Each level of master riding adds 100 HP

    Spay champs will have to track. Flanks at range will have to hit more than on shot.
    Yeah, that's a good way to go. It really sucks to be dismounted because of really low damage. I remember one game I lost which I was dismounted by Kinessa's mine - that shit deals a really small damage and it dismounted me easily.

    I think 300HP is too much, I think 200HP or even 150HP is good enough and more than that would have to be suplemented with items (if deemed necessary). I think it's important to rule out bullshit dismounts but not take that strat from the game.

    OBS.: There's now something worse than being just dismounted: you ride your horse all the way to your objective, get out of your horse and then immediately get set back by Atlas. The problem is, you get set back without your horse now and all the path you passed before was at horse speed and now you're forced to walk your way back. I do that a lot against other tanks - when they die, I make sure I have Set Back off cooldown when they get back. Kinessa's teleport is also another good set back target.

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