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Thread: The handsome tier list

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    Exclamation The handsome tier list

    Welcome to the ultimate Handsome Tier List! Where we place the handsome boys and girls in a tier list to find out who is the most handsome! Ugliest being on the bottom and handsomest on the top!

    Handsome Boys!

    1. Buck. Hi borvik, for you.
    2. Jenos. Dont touch the hair, it takes him years to get it looking as good as it is.
    3. Strix. Looks pretty cool, nice outfit, and personality.
    4. Fernando. Doesnt look bad, just give it to him he works hard for it.
    5. Pip. A cute little vulpin.
    6. Koga. His face is a little weird, but he looks pretty cool.
    7. Sha Lin. His face isnt as bad as people work it up to be.
    8. Viktor. I miss the old one
    9. Zhin. Doesnt look bad, but not as good as the others.
    10. Atlas. Old, Doesnt look too bad but not as good as the rest above.
    11. Khan. VERY VERY VERY tiny head.
    12. Lex. Does a sheep live on your head? not much else to say.
    13. Androxus. Why are you hiding your face? Armor is ok, looks like they tried too hard to make him look cool.
    14. Talus. look at him, the list goes on and on, still not as bad though.
    15. Drogoz. Not a very intimidating dragon, wears torn rags for underwear? very ugly face.
    16. Grover. He's an old mossy tree, not much to say.
    17. Grohk. Very smashed together face, yellow teeth, wears rags for pants.
    18. Mal'Damba. wearing rags, looks creepy, very twig-like.
    19. Barik. Maeve herself says he smells, wearing scratched up metal and ugly clothes.
    20. Dredge. A zombie, probably smells really bad, nobody wants to see your chest.
    21. Bomb King. No clothes, a robot, VERY ugly ponytail.
    22. Ruckus. Do you see this thing?
    23. Terminus. Jumbo strings for hair, cant keep himself together, is he wearing a skirt?
    24. Makoa. Old, slimy, wrinkly, put some clothes on.
    25. Torvald. Old, bald, wrinkly, and wears bathrobes.

    Handsome Girls!

    1. Ying. Shes ying, a loving personality, positive, and innocent.
    2. Maeve. A fun personality, small and adorable, cute hair and eyes, nice outfit.
    3. Cassie. She looks good.
    4. Ash. She looks cool, like the style of her armor.
    5. Lian. She looks fine, but dont like her personality.
    6. Evie. Cute.
    7. Furia. Not sure why they censored her.
    8. Kinessa. Short hair doesnt fit her, that bandage looks bad.
    9. Seris. Not bad looking, too much exposure however.
    10. Tyra. Not bad looking, but..
    11. Moji. Cute yes, but not as good as the others.
    12. Skye. I dont see what other people see, the ears look weird on her, outfit is a little ugly.
    13. Vivian. Doesnt look great, i will just say that.
    14. Willo. Disturbing.
    15. Inara. She doesnt look that bad, but she is made of rocks, and is probably mossy.
    16. Imani. VERY terrible looking, ugly hair, costume.


    The HANDSOMEST females.

    Ying,Maeve, Cassie.

    The HANDSOMEST males.

    Buck, Jenos, Strix.

    Leave your thoughts in the comments and thanks for reading
    Bring Parts And Pieces Back!

    Favorite Skins


    Maeve: Merrymaker, Raeve, Street style, Alley cat.

    Strix: Bad Mother Clucker.

    Moji: Dragon Born.

    Main Champions: Maeve

    Healers: Ying and Io.



    Flanks: Maeve

    Jingle Bells, Barik smells, Willo laid an egg. Ze Magistrate ain't so great, and ze Paladins save ze day.

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    koga and fernando are 100% the handsomest men in the entire world

    so your list is wrong

    Skye. I dont see what other people see
    i dont either, she's invisible
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    Oh hai <3
    Quote Originally Posted by Borvik View Post
    just imagine buck in a speedo...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Koopakid View Post
    i dont either, she's invisible
    Well, that would be an improvement for many others so...

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