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Thread: Free Bans For All

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    Free Bans For All

    Before starting , I want to say some things.

    1- I have much respect for the moderators , especially those who work for free.

    2- Same for the coders , we don't give them enough credit because the game has been bugged in the past but today it's working kind of well, we can see the evolution, and it's continuing in the good way.

    3- You will be attempted to ban me, thing that I understand, but try to be fair in your action before doing anything cause that's what I am trying to do.

    Quick story :
    I paid more than 100$ on the game , have more than 2000 hours on it.
    And i've been banned more than 10 times (new achievement unlocked ?)

    In only few hours this is what I accomplished :

    They probably did nothing wrong, just like me. Why did I do that ? To show you what a lot of people are doing on purpose. The difference between me and them , is that I don't want to do it.
    I did it only to show you how the system is broken.

    Last time a moderator told me something like " just do a break , bans are reset every week " => My answer : What if I just want to play ? Why would you stop me with a broken system ?

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    I have already told you - Evil Mojo knows that the system is extremely flawed and they want to change it. If you wish to come back with a thread suggesting a change, then you are welcome to do so.

    *Disclaimer: I am a volunteer moderator. I work on best judgement and do not speak on behalf of Hi-Rez Studios.*

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