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Thread: Paladins has become (virtually) unplayable on the Switch

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    Paladins has become (virtually) unplayable on the Switch

    Hello, my IGN is WrldWarZ and have been playing paladins very often since I picked it up about 3 months ago. Let me explain why this game had either deteriorated to this point, or put into plain view that developers really just dont care and want all your money.

    Matchmaking - The Problem
    An obviously terrible mechanic in the game. When splitting a multiplayer game like this into "unranked" and "ranked" it leads the player to believe that they will be able to systematically grow in skill amongst their peers. This system, is just all ****ed up. I have over 500 hours logged, 750+ wins, 30+ heros at level 15+ and am constantly matched with incompetent teammates. Not only has this kept me far below my honest skill tier, I have no desire to play anymore.

    Matchmaking - The Solution
    Now I won't begin to try and understand the complex algorithms that go into matchmaking. But based on many year of competitive play across many platforms I'll suggest what I believe are the best ways to pair player efficiently and fairly.
    - 15 characters at level 10 minimum ( I do understand levels can be bought. But you do have to log time to earn gold. And if you really want to spend $100 to level your charcters just to get wrecked in ranked. I enjoy the food)
    - Faster RP ( rank points? ) based on in game stats. Highest dmg for damage heros, most kills for flanks, etc
    - kill / death ratios ?
    - win / loss rates ?
    - in game hours logged ?

    Character balances - the problem

    Now this is a little more opinionated section. And varies player to player. But let's talk about it.

    Tyra - Broken as ****. Flame bomb, reduced healing and cripple? On top of +25% dmg from hunters mark. Not cool.

    That's all. I really just hate tyra.

    The bugs - The Problems

    There are quite a few inconsistencies in the game that turn competitive neck-to-neck matches into unwinnable situations.
    - Shooting around corners. What are the point of these elaborate maps with all their pillars and hallways if after gaining cover in the last second, your opponent still ends up killing you?
    - Skills and their counters need to be clearly defined.
    - why does koga still get stunned during shadow step?
    - why can drogoz still fly after being stunned by imani ?
    - why do players self heals get reduced by cauterize, when it clearly states " reduces healing recieved from other players? "

    Now I recently underwent minor surgery so am able to log 7-8 hours a day. The fourms are full to the brim of issues and glitches that make this game half of what it could be.

    The most major issue I've faced, over the last 3 days of about 8 hours of game play a day is : " Software closed due to an error. " this issue has now begun to occur about every 3 games. And if unlucky enough to happen in the draft, I catch a nice 30 minute ban for it.

    The bugs - The Solution

    PLAY THE ****ING GAME. Seriously. If there are future plans to move this game forward, Evil Mojo and Hi-Rez studios you need to begin to log the hours. Hire the staff to fix the issues. Or get rid of the game. Dont keep letting people waste their money or time on a game that will never really reach its potential.

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    Matchmaking part of your post: Already been discussed and shot down, repeated subject.

    Character Balance part of your post: you admit yourself that it`s opinionated, and Tyra isn't really OP.

    Bugs part of your post: Not only they are being worked on, but it becomes a mindless rant.

    Above everything else, 3 months is just the tip of the iceberg and doesn't mean that you know everything about the game, quite the other way around (given that you think Tyra is OP). This shows by how you discuss repeated subjects instead of searching around the forums.

    For all of those reasons, this thread is now being closed. However, you have the intention on the right place, except where you get angry. You are just misinformed. Stick around, I see you can become a very helpful person once you manage to gather information as a first step before posting. This is a compliment, btw.

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