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Thread: About Bans (Serious Topic)

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    About Bans (Serious Topic)

    After being banned more than 10 times , I sent a ticket to the support , and asked them how the system works. They told me that they only ban people for good reason , when someone send them a ticket with a proof.
    I played very nicely , not troll picking , not being salty , and they banned me again.
    So I sent a new ticket , where I asked them " Give me the reason why I have been banned last time , I really want to know " , the answer ? : " We can't tell you "
    So I did some tests
    Imagine if everybody reports everybody at the end of the match thanks to this system , so everybody will be banned ? Oh yea ...
    So I've been just having fun reporting literally everybody , and oh wow , surprise , I'm not playing anymore with the same people like I used to. So Hi Rez is not banning people only when we send them ticket.
    I mean , I would never do something like this at a normal time , but there are so much kids on this game and I just did what they do : report for no reason and get ban probably some nice people
    This system is screwed up. Change it.

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    Discussing disciplinary actions is against the Code of Conduct.
    HiRezXienen, the Studio Head of Evil Mojo, has already said that they want to find a change to the autoban system which was put in place because of way too many troll reports in support tickets. If you are worried that you will get suspended, take a break, because reports reset weekly. I recommend that you stop reporting randomly, and the only way you'll know if they're banned is if you get a System message.

    Closed for discussing disciplinary actions. If you wish to create a new thread after the information I gave you, please do so without breaking the Code of Conduct.
    *Disclaimer: I am a volunteer moderator. I work on best judgement and do not speak on behalf of Hi-Rez Studios.*

    Wondering why a thread was closed or deleted? Check out the Forum's Code of Conduct.

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