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Thread: Cassie needs a *BIG* damage nerf!

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    Cassie needs a *BIG* damage nerf!

    We all know how braindead and frustrating are burst meta and low time to kill in paladins.
    It makes balancement so bad, it turns flankers into damage dealers with low hp, it turns support into healbots... low ttk and low mobility have no place in a game with big hitboxes, a lot of CC skills, reveal abilities and fast projectiles. Cassie is the best example of a bursty OP character that can carry a match easly because she counters and melts every character in the game.
    She needs a big damage nerf, don't touch her mobility/HP/cards, just reduce her damage and change her talents.
    Theese are my suggestions:


    Damage 680 --> 650
    Reduced projectile speed


    Exaction NERF: bonus damage 30% --> 25%
    (You will understand why)

    Impulse REWORK: blast shot now applies 60% cauterize for 2 sec and its cooldown is reduced by 2 sec

    "Blast shot burst combo is very dangerous and easy to hit, with impulse it becomes a true nightmare... it is a 1280 burst combo that deletes every flanker in 2 seconds. After the damage nerf and the impulse rework you can still have a strong burst combo by charging your shots with exaction, but at least it will become a little harder to use"

    Big game REWORK:

    Reduce the cooldown of dodge roll by 2.5

    "Skilled cassie players will be able to play infinite roll playstyle again by using this talent + incitement 5 card, but it will be much more fair with no bonus damage and slower projectile"

    In this way cassie will have 3 different talents that allows the player to play in 3 different ways

    The first one, hybrid damage and mobility with exaction.
    An aggressive playstyle based on rolling and shooting enemies. You have to use incitement to roll more often and get more bonus damage

    The second one, damage only with impulse
    Safe playstyle , just spam damage and caut like a turret

    The third one, mobility playstyle
    Very aggro/flanky playstyle with infinite roll.

    I hope you liked this thread, please evilmojo do something
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    you have a point
    but i dont like the Impulse rework tbh its useless

    i like the big game rework the old skilled fun cassie will be back.

    in general i agree actually, she is at a good spot right now all thanks to her easy burst combo which is not fun to play against and not that hard to be master.
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    I agree that she needs changes, but I think it would already be very significant if they just made it so she can't fire Blast shot and primary fire at the same time, because that's what makes her so bursty against flanks. And another topic that some people seemingly ignore is Strix...why the hell is he allowed to kill every squishy champion in a split second (okay, the quick scope + flare combo is not too easy to pull off but with some aim and practice you can do it consistently). He is literally unflankable (except with tanks like Khan, Atlas or Makoa, they have enough HP to kill him), but still the burst is just ridiculous.

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    Blast Shot, a lockout to mate its fire rate consistant with primary fire and use ammo would be a good albeit quick fix solution.

    It would work to remove her burst, but Cassie would suffer without it.
    Atm blast arrow is pretty basic unless you talk damage numbers.
    I would rather see blast arrow work as a dynamic to apply burning sustain damage over damage.

    I would opt to see Cassie get more of a prefire warm up animation to blast shot, making it less reacive.

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