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    Lightbulb Ghrok

    The card Gale reduces the cd of the Healing Totem but he sacrifices his escape ability for it. So its low level doesn't worth to use: Reduce the cd just for a little bit and lose my only chanse to survive? Rather not. So the good players use it on high level (if use it at all). It reduces the cooldown for so much, {1|1}s scaling is realy high among the heal cd reduce cards. I suggest to decrease its scaling and make it independent from his escape skill for make the healer Ghrok a little bit more safe for scrifice some heal cd:
    -Reduce the scaling of Gale from {1|1}s to {0.8|0.8}s and independently from the Ghost Walk.

    Ghrok's Shock Pulse based cards are literally never used without the talent Maelstorm, but used so much by combinated with Maelstorm, because this talent reduces the cd of Shock Pulse so much, so these cards affects much more often. It makes the things so simple: use them with Maelstorm and not use them without Maelstorm. I think the cards should be viable picks with any talents but not too effective picks combinated by any talents.
    Maelstorm also makes the self regeneration impossible for the enemies, because the lighting orbs has realy low cd and increased amount of bounches what is realy annoying.
    So I suggest to:
    -Reduce the cooldown of Shock Pulse from 6s to 5s for make the cards based on this skill better,
    -And rework Maelstorm for don't reduce its cd too much and don't annoy anyone with the too many bounches: Maelstorm: Shock Pulse deals 200 more damage.

    Ghost Walk is maybe the worst escape ability in the game (tie with Mal'Damba's Slither), because its duration nerf was too hard (2s->1s). I suggest to increase the duration to 1.5s for make it viable, not just against burst damage.

    Spirit's Domain let heal you allies by shoot them. This idea has some plus usage with Pip's same talent, because if the ally and the enemy was close he can heal and the damage at the same time with a good shot. Ghrok can not, so he just got a bonus: it heals more than the stuff's damage. I think shooting allies who doesn't wanna dodge from your lightning beam is basicly boring, but this talent also has two handicaps what make it less useful and annoying to use: 1; Allies' body stop your beam, so you can't shot your enemies while they moves in front of you, even if you wanna rather shot the enemies. So your allies hinders you. 2; You can not self regenerate while you are healing with your stuff, because weapon attacks put you back into the combat, not like any other heals. So you won't regenerate even if you hide well. You have to waste your totem to heal yorself. These are the reasons why this talent sucks. These issues can not be solved just by change some numbers, because these come from its core mechanic. Anyways its avatar is still a totem with a shield aura what makes absolutly no sense to this kind of bonus. It makes sense for the original bonus, what has not disadvantages like this new form, and it was very unique: supporter gave tons of shields. Io already has a talent what gives somthing more with the heals: gives damage reduction. It is cool. The bonus shield was cool as well. Putting it back would be a great step after we got back Androxus' and Lex' old weapon too. It needs some more buffs, because it doesn't need the deploy range boost anymore:
    Spirit's Domain: Healing full health allies creates shield with up to 1500 last for 8s.

    Haunting certainly was nerfed because it buff the card Gale by combinate them. It's still weak by combinate them, but after the Gale will be independent from the Ghost Walk this card would be absolutly trash. I suggest to buff its scaling from {0.6|0.6}s to {1|1}s for make it worth to use.

    Lightning Rod: It heals Ghrok when his Shock Pulse bounches. After Maelstorm's insane cd reduction removal and the bonuch bonus removal it will become realy weak. If its scaling would be buffed from {30|30} to {50|50} it would worth to use (with any talents).

    Tempest's speed bonus and slow amount (60%) is insanity it makes the game chaotic: allies gain carzy speed buff and enemies recieve too much slow what can not be countered by good positioning. If it was slightly reduced (60%->40%) and the damage was buffed (200->300) than it would be still good and make the speed difference manageable.
    Thanks for reading my post!

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    "The card Gale reduces the cd of the Healing Totem but he sacrifices his escape ability for it....ect"

    This actually works... Removing or altering this would be a pretty big change as it gives Grohk great line holding power in certain angles because Ghostwalk hardcore combos with his Totem healing.
    To use Ghostwalk to obtain healing from totem would put both defensive abilities on cooldown,
    Gale helps to mitigate this, allowing Grohk to dive into his healing zone and hasten the reset time.
    Additionally with CC immunity Talent, Grock using gale can create a massive up time for anti cc. In order to properly call this duration balanced there is this hindrance, forcing Grohk to stress his defence cooldowns in order to buff his party.
    Unpairing the synergy of Gale will create an open window in a Chronos Grohk's CDs rotation unless it is replaced with a value of at least 4s.
    But then consider that if CD of Totem was 10 -11s then chronos is applied to reduce it to 7ish seconds.
    It has a 6s duration that can be increased....
    Sounds like %100 uptime.... With potential CC immunity.... I feel like thats not going to be allowed.
    There will need to be a flaw comrade, the current one is fine.

    "Maelstorm also makes the self regeneration impossible for the enemies, because the lighting orbs have a really low CD and increased amount of bounces what is really annoying."

    Maelstrom is supposed to do that, thats the point of the talent...
    It is not about damage numbers, its how the small forms of damage chip away at a team and how it prevents them from operating optimally. (Although it can rack up a lot vs foes who do not adapt around it). Maelstrom separates foes and punishes them for stacking and maintaining line of sight of each other, making them flee out of line of sight from their allies in order to self heal, which in turn drives potential for duellists and assassins to make frags, Grohk is often a bit on the back foot in assisting Flanks in terms of providing them reactive healing. Grohk is a suppressor, This is Grohk's suppressor talent, problem here is that other healing dynamics in the game that.

    "Tempest's speed bonus and slow amount (60%) is insanity it makes the game chaotic:"

    Ok, I will explain again, since you are fishing for another Drogoz ult here..
    Increasing the potential damage to 3000 is just going to openly frag characters with no self healing abilities, support, escape moves or upfront dps too easily, no matter the slow value.
    It already has enough team damage potential as it is while the enemy support is down, it is already strong as killing move.
    Taking a bit of slow off and then giving it 3000 max damage is not going to make it manageable.
    Considering that resilience defeats slows and blast shields provides some worthwhile defence against tempest, why would it be a wise balancing idea to increase the damage to 3K.
    Making it uncountable by both items due to damage values.

    Changing the slow/haste speeds of Tempest will not do as much as you think.
    As long as any player is tagged with any value of %30+ slow, they will not be able to outrun anything, especially an ult that can fly, follow and potentially do 2000 damage over time.
    Currently we have Pip's %50 slow, Evie's %50 slow, Inara's %60 slow... And its doable to evade and counter these abilities depending on positioning, abilities and resilience.

    The issue with Grohks Ult slow effect, hard to counter by being line of sight based zap zap.
    The only thing that makes it a very oppressive tool, is the slows duration and consistent reapplication.
    A nerf to Tempest, I would start with slow duration.
    By reducing its slow duration per character from 2s to 1s, and I would even trial it's effectiveness at a value of 0.6s.
    Right now at 2s the Slow effect is felt for far too long of a duration, even after escaping line of sight.
    Since Tempest applies slow every 0.5s, and this slow lasts for 2s.
    Tempest lasts 5s, so it technically slows and damages a foe over 7s.
    A slow with consistent application for 5s & damage should not be at a level similar to
    At base that is too much offensive control power, considering it's brief duration, it's like slapping a foe with buck net shot slow every 0.5s for 5s.

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