Look at skye, talus, and everyone who has a projectile I’m sure we have all seen the bullets/ crosshairs not come close to our character and they get rewarded for bad aim. Skye is the most frustrating to go against, she can go invisible anytime she wants, and he her gun has at least a 30 round mag that can kill ruckus even with his shield (1 clip anyone is what I’m trying to say) she is the most prominent in all the bs kill cams. Anyway Hi-Rez won’t fix anything cause they want the game to be easy and non skill based. Even on a character like strix he is a very skilled character but crazy aim assist makes him less of a skilled character and back with with the rest of the non skilled characters. Final thing is that Hi-Rez does not care about what you have to say about good criticism. They just do what they want and don’t want to receive user/player feedback.