We got this new loadout system with max lvl5 cards in ob68. The max level of the cards was lvl4 at the old times. I think the max lvl4 was better, because:
-The cards with limited max bonus became too weak to use (e.g. Drogoz' Altitude, Evie's Cold Acclimation, Ying's rewind on higher levels...)
-Some card with even higher bonus (e.g. Evie's Flicker, Skye's Poisoner) made the things extremist, and it just steal loadout point from the other cards, because we put them onto the best card.
-Finer scaling doesn't make much sense because it doesn't make loadouts more complex, we still use mostly max level cards and min level cards.

I like that now we have more loadoutpoints to spend for make our champions even more unique. So I suggest to keep the 15 laodout points and increase the card amount of the loadouts from 5 to 6. Plus 1 card to pick from the rest 11 cards would make the things much more complex, it could garant many new combinations!