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Thread: Kill Cards Need to be removed

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    Kill Cards Need to be removed

    The cards that activate on kill need to be removed from the game.

    Either just remove them and add something else
    Lower the impact and make the card on assist.

    These cards are to inconsistent to be useful.
    It feels bad to build a load out around them and have a lian auto dash fuck you out of any combo you have set up because she gets the last 1 % of the kill.
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    I made a buck post a month ago and actually made a comment about this specifically. Buck has the card that gives 75% on kill for all abilities. Like you said though the second someone steals your kill it’s destroys the loadout and can end up killing you in the process(at the very least hindering you.)

    Steal killing shouldn’t even be uttered in a team game and yet it actually causes an issue for certain champions. You also can’t expect every person to look and see you have a card that works only on kill. I agree they should for the most part be changed to eliminates and had there numbers reworkered. In the case of buck make eliminations take 50% cdr rather than 75%.

    There are also cards that make no sense to be kill cards when other have elimination cards. The best example is makoa and skye can get 40-50% max speed on elimination for quite a long time 6 seconds(makoa) and 8 seconds(skye). Yet, Moji has a card that gives 40% max speed on kill for 2 seconds. Just think about that for a second. To add to this buck also has a speed card that is on kill, however, like skye it’s for 8 seconds which is more manageable then moji but still the same problem in the long run. So you have Makoa one of the strongest characters on PC and skye one of the strongest characters on console who both get massive speed on elimination. Then moji and buck who are close range reliant, sustain reliant, and giant hit boxes with low health who need a kill rather than a elimination.

    Just brings me back to the point on my buck post that if you reworked cards like these kill cards on low tier champions it might actually put them closer to the meta without giving reworks to their kits.
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