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Thread: Deploy Grohk Totem just like Luna

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    Deploy Grohk Totem just like Luna

    It can be a good up for Grohk, because after deploy his totem he need to wait 15s before deploy another one. Imagine if he can redeploy his totem every 3s, first he deploy it on the point and 3s after near him and the Damage.

    With this change, I will increase the basic radius of 20% and change the card which increase the radius by a card which increase the deploy range of 20|20 units.

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    Deployables are different, I think its fine.
    Ghrok Basicly have the choice to decide between put the totem under himself or further, to an ally.
    Luna doesn't heal by default, it is total different from the totem. Luna has deploy range buff card, Healing Totem has radius buff card. I don't find the point why these should be more similar.
    Thanks for reading my post!

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