I'm going to keep this post short.

Problems with Io:
  • Low effective healing, mostly due to...
  • Heal requires to maintain line-of-sight.
  • Goddess' Blessing talent simply isn't useful nor does it change Io's playstyle in any meaningful way.

Problems with Luna:
  • Blocks Io's shots
  • Can be accidentally tracked into when trying to heal someone else
  • Too independent, Io's reliance on Luna is very minimal outside of Life Link and a stun that's on a 15s cooldown.

Suggestions and Ideas:
  • Base Kit / Moonlight - Remove travel time of Moonlight's healing "beam"
  • Base Kit / Guardian Spirit - Luna will target enemies that have been marked by your Light Bow regardless of range. Mark is lost upon breaking line of sight to Io.
    • Removed "Luna will rush and stun enemies that have been marked by your Light Bow every 15s."
  • Base Kit / Light Bow - A Goddess' weapon that fires a 400 damage crescent arrow ever 0.6s. Shooting Luna releases a damaging pulse centered around her, dealing 500 damage.
  • Life Link - Luna now heals allies around her for 300 health per second. Luna heals for double the amount while affected by Moonlight.
  • Goddess' Blessing - Moonlight now locks onto an ally. Io and ally being healed by Moonlight gains 15% damage reduction.
    • (This talent makes Io's Moonlight work like Seris' Restore Soul, with the added effect of damage reduction for Io and ally while Moonlight is in effect)