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Thread: The problems Kinessa and many other champs have

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowpuppy View Post
    Hi Rez does not revert changes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowpuppy View Post
    Hi Rez does not revert changes. The best you can hope for is they make reduced scope a talent. That is how far they will go to not revert a change like this even if it did make since.

    So tryjng to use that as a buff idea is pointless.
    They have reverted a ton of changes to champs like furia and then the most prime example are Andro's and Lex's fire rates. They even gave ruckus less delay on his aerial assault talent which partially reverted it found out that was a mistake, but still kept it cause it made the talent better and was fine in the current meta. The thing about Kinessa's fov is that it rose her winrate among higher level games to an unhealthy level for a sniper. Hirez likes to keep snipers at a 45-55% overall winrate and Kinessa is their prime example of that. Our best hope for a Kinessa buff at this point is changes to her mines, cards, and give her more play style variability cause in all honesty she has none.
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    Strix rlly is a bit overtuned. The fact that strix has a 30% dmg reduction card while scoped makes him pretty strong becuz he can Quick scope anyway. That type dmg reduction is something only Kinessa should have due to her scope charge, not Strix.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FarceDawn View Post
    Most I can say is have constant map awareness don't shoot when your porting and focus on pressuring squishy targets if you can or tanks if the squishies decide to hide. Don't be afraid to reposition your self relative to your enemies. Kinessa can get to places a lot faster than other champs especially on serpent beach (there is a ledge only her and those with aerial mobility can reach). Do not and I repeat do not camp, Kinessa gets bursted relatively easily and camping speeds up this process or denies you a bunch of damage. Only times camping should be viable is if the enemy team is having trouble getting to you. or your team is protecting you well enough. If someone gets in close range your best option is to port or carbine and try to finish them but only carbine after hitting them with at least 1 snipe or if they are low enough. Don't hold your charge for too long doing quick pop shots while jumping or moving is best. Only hold a charge when waiting for someone to peek if they don't peek don't let yourself be caught out by waiting. Always make builds with beam me up (unless you use the talent reposition), true grit, prodigy, sometimes quickscope and find the levels of these that work best for you. Finally don't be afraid to ult you can save it for clutch moments but solo ulting to quickly deal with a dmg dealer or flank is fine.
    thanks, which talent do you normally use?

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