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Thread: Androxus weird new animation

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    Androxus weird new animation

    First thing first, thank you hirez.
    Even if the game has still many problems you finally made androxus and lex skill based again, the old weapons are back! They announced it :

    Androxus and lex will require aim again, no more spam!
    The problem is, why andro didn't receive the old animation back?? I mean, the old one felt much much better, wtf is this weird *** thing.
    The damage has been increased, even the description says that the weapon has more recoil, why is the animation still the same? It makes more sense to have a more "powerful" revolver recoil animation.
    Lex instead has received the powerful pocket snipers back with the old animation, that's great

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    im just happy i cant wait to play my next main
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