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Thread: Flankers/Skye Feedback

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    Question Flankers/Skye Feedback

    I feel that all the flanks in the game are pretty over powered except Skye. After the patch that removed her Surprise Attack talent, she hasn't been as useful as the other flanks. I think instead of removing the talent altogether, decreasing the damage done to 400 or 300 would have been better. She's already pretty slow for a flank so I feel doing more damage helps balance it. When she is revealed, she is pretty much useless. To sum it up, I just believe Skye should get a buff in a future patch as she isn't as good as she used to be. Giving her any type of buff would help a bunch, thanks for reading.
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    Skye has already too much damage, she needs a mobility/stealth buff.
    Nerf damage and buff mobility, all flankers should have this treatment

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    skye dont need buff or nerf she got weak mobility but got good 1v1 dmg only her only weakness are illuminate and wallhack ability champion shes already good for pro but for noobs using her is a complete train rekt.

    skye is good on ambush not charge like a tank cause i found so many skye players who keep on charging without planning on a go around routine while players who know haw to use a skye wait patiently for an ambush which i do, if the enemy got illuminate or wallhack skills i only depends on my skills on precise aim and dodge.
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    All of you are wrong. Skye like a number of champs have less bursty kit design with talents to compensate. She is a talent dependent champion. Without Debilitate she is considered low tier. She has a lack of mobility which can be compensated with loadout cards like victory rush maxed. Preparation is her only flanking card while Debilitate spams ridiculous dmg and kills isolated players and burst tanks which is sort of an imbalance even if she has bad mobility while dying often in the process if illuminate is maxed and the enemy players commit themselves to dive you. Preparation can be pretty good but it feeds too much loadout space. Whatever mobility she could use should be integreted into Preparation to have that seperate playstyle while nerfing vic rush to make it balanced. Making it a base kit change will be game breaking. Her dmg without Debilitate is balanced. Its the talent thats pretty strong. Her Preparation talent needs to be buffed before taking a look at Debilitate. Id remove the bonus dmg entirely for starters but nothing extreme without making her other talents viable. Preparation is actually good and can work better than Debilitate in high elos. It just takes alot of skill and good aim to be effective. You can check my stats for proof.
    Im not using this link as a show-off to my skills but to prove my point that Preparation isnt a meme. It does need a lot of buffs like Unlimited ammo+ 60-75% speed for elims as an ADD to preparation so that her loadout can have room to breathe like more sustain with healing vapors. This is coming from experience on all her talents. The solution to her problems imo is simple:-
    *Buff Preparation with my suggested change.
    * Nerf Debilitate how u see fit or rework it to be a dmg buff or Cripple for 4s
    *Rework Smoke and Daggers. IDK how to rework this talent so id suggest bringing Surprise attack back.
    EDIT:- Preparation also needs team play to work + can have a hard time without tanks or supps.
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