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Thread: This Week in the Realm | June 10-16

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    Post This Week in the Realm | June 10-16

    This Week in the Realm | June 10-16

    Quote Originally Posted by EvilMojoMolly
    Happy Monday, Champions!

    • Looking a little bit into the future, our next Update Show will be the 19th of this month. We’ll be revealing our new support Champion, as well as a summer-themed battle pass. You won’t want to miss it!
    • If you haven’t already seen it, check out what this year has in store for Paladins with the 2019 Roadmap.
    • We’re still in the concept polishing step for the 2019 Community Skin Contest. Keep an eye out, we’ll show you our progress as soon as we’re finished with the final concepts!


    4AM ET | Free Champion Rotation: Khan, Strix, Maeve, Seris


    All Day | Day with a Dev, hosted by Paladins Game Designer EvilMojoAdanas over on the Evil Mojo Games Instagram.

    Weekly Wisdom with the Design Team: Reminder to be nice to others in your matches! You will both have a more enjoyable experience.
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    thank you for posting this here, excited for the new champ!
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    Oh hai <3
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    just imagine buck in a speedo...
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