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Thread: Why Kinessa's playstyles are gone?

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    Why Kinessa's playstyles are gone?

    Lets talk about kinessa unfair balance and card changes!

    Kinessa is a damage champion with a sniper rifle that deals huge damage at high range, but she has a lack of movement speed which is compensated by her handy teleport tool, the Transporter. Furthermore she can deal damage over time with her Oppressor Mines. Her ultimate Headhunter will deal 50% increased damage by successful shots made to the upper half of an enemy character.

    Here is a list of some nerfs she got
    Oppressor mines
    • Removed Bonus Damage from hitting enemies affected by Oppressor Mines with Carbine.
    • No longer applies a slow to enemies.
    • Decreased Oppressor Mine range increase from 15% per level to 10% per level.
    • Added 10 second Internal Cooldown.
    • Added trail to the teleport for flankers to easily know where she goes.
    Sniper mode
    • Increased zoom(WORST OF THEM ALL)

    • Suppression removed
    • Removed cooldown from reposition {2.55|.15}s.
    • Eagle eye nerfed. This was the real reason that lead to her zoom nerf but it was not enough still and did that without reverting the zoom changes.
    Steady Aim
    • Will no longer activate when hitting Deployables or Shields.
    • Lie in Wait -After 2s of standing still, regenerate {1|1} ammo every 2 seconds (side note: they expect you to stand still for 2s to gain a max of 5 ammo every 2 secs even the old effect was better than this)
    • Removed stealth reveal mechanics from sniper shots which was the only good advantage when she goes against a strix on long range fights
    So here an example why kinessa is not fun to play.She got like 5 ammo regen cards outta the entire 10 cards set.I am serious how she's gonna use those cards when she could be bursted down upclose.
    Not even having that much ammo will provide any advantage in 1v1 close combat because of her carbine spread.and even if i am wrong about the ammo cards! does she needs 5 ammo cards in her rooster? where is the playstyle difference that kinessa could make from the current card system she has?

    Pls leave reply post on your thoughts
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