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Thread: Second post since Beta: Oct 11, 2016

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    Red face Second post since Beta: Oct 11, 2016

    Hey everyone! as ive never been on the official thread before tonight (posting bug report), and ive been a player since 2016... might as well do one of these now!

    Im Adam, Executive Producer for Film/TV in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as an old Grand-Master Pip (Flank)/Master Ying (primary healing) (shout out individual champion ranks, miss ya ). And ex-WoW sponsored 2v2 Feral Druid, Parkour Instructor, Martial Arts enthusiast, and Model, Actor/Stunt Actor, and stunt double.... yes i do a lot, but i barely passed highschool and dropped out of New England Institute of Technology 2 months ago (almost failed out). So dont take me as some super smart guy, just think, this guys an idiot with a smile.

    Anyways, i dont have much else to say, im a nOrMiE.
    but if you do catch me out there in the realm.... run. or try my pip will catch up.

    p.s i got an insta if anyone wants to check it out: @AdamCarsonOfficial
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