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Thread: Cassie and lian is killing all the strategies that are in the game

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    Cassie and lian is killing all the strategies that are in the game

    There is literaly no reason to pick another damager then bk,imani and for years those 2 op characters. Lian and cassie is too strong compared to other damagers and everyone knows it. İt kills special tactics which are now just pick god tier damager to win. Why the hell should anyone who really want to win pick a flanker when a damager can do the same job from a big range, can go close and still is effective, has 0 disadvantages in his kit. That is stupid and is killing the game for me. İ am a diamond 4 player and can say those characters are dominating the game for a damn long time.

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    Lian and Imani were nerfed, that's really nice. They are still among the best DPSes, but now they aren't completely dominating all the other DPSes. Cassie however wasn't nerfed yet and she is currently the best DD in the game, she can destroy flanks with Impulse, she can destroy tanks with Big Game. I think that making her unable to shoot blast shot and her primary fire at the same time would make her more balanced, and also reduce the duration of Big Game to 3 or 4 seconds so you can't be big-gamed again instantly. And when it comes to flanks, there are currently two good flanks: Maeve and Evie, that can even keep up with Cassie, Lian and Imani (at least the PPL has shown it).

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