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    Arrow New 4th Talents

    Many of my last ideas have been reworked or replaced and added talents for the new champions too.


    Ghrok's: Dream Walker: Ghost Walk has 1s increased duration, 4s long cooldown and he can use his other skills while using Ghost Walk. The enemy who didn't die until the Ghost Walk ends get back his/her health what Ghrok damaged.

    Grover's: Lumberjack: Close range attacks (within 8 unites) are now meele attacks: deal 1000dmg and reduce the cooldown of Vine by 3s (per hit).

    Jenos': Heavenly God: Hold Jump while in the air with Steallar Wind it flys him upward. Without Stellar Wind it keeps him in the position. His damage doesn't recieve falloff by the vertical distance.

    Mal'Damba's: River's Spirit: Mending Spirit increase healing efficiency by 10% for the duration for the target. Don't increase only for Mending Sprit, but generally (effects to other heals and for selfheal too).

    Pip's: Life Essence: Healing Potion marks the targets for 3 sec, whos gain 80% lifesteal.

    Seris': Tempter: She tempts every touched enemies: steal 600 HP from them in 1 sec. Every enemy can be tempted only once per every Shadow Travel.

    Ying's: Sisters: Her illusions moves like a player in the area within 15 units from the deploy point. These haven't got any distinctive sign from the original Ying, just that they 'shoot' allies. When Ying activates Shatter they still seems like the real Ying and apparently shoot the followed enemy, but they don't deal damage with this. Using Dimensional Link is indiscernible. Increase Illusions health by 500 HP.

    Furia's: Slash of Vengeance: If an enemy is in front of her within 8 unites when she uses priamy attack, she will slash with her blade and deal 550 area damage with the same attack duration as the shot could be. She also gains 20% increased movement speed.


    Androxus': Shadow Slayer: He automatically enters Stealth for 1.5 sec (or until he shoots) when he deals a killing blow or a dash with Nether Steps.

    Buck's: Brutal Shooter: If he shots an enemy within 10 units, it will blast the target backwards by 20 units and deals 20% more damage.

    Evie's: Jet Rider: She can use other skills when using Soar without stopping Soar.
    (Killing Frost doesn't decrease the cd when she is on Soar when the kill happening)

    Lex's: Motorcycle Policeman: He recieves a 1000 HP shield for 4s, and a motorcycle also for 4s after kill his Retribution target. This has got the same maximum movement speed as the horse and it recieves the Master Riding bonus too. It could skid and tilt and also has got general physical propertys like acceleration. Hit Lex' motor doesn't damage him, his hitbox is smaller while he is riding. Use a skill cancels his motorcycly.

    Maeve's: Window Sneaker: Increase her jump high by 50%. Nine Lives resotores her remainder jumps to two. Missing Pounce reduce its cd by 50%.

    Moji's: Dragon master: Her hitbox doesn't contain her friends. The hitbox of her head is reduced as well.

    Skye's: Smoke Nourisher: Smoke Screen's counter stops, when Skye enters to it for the first time until she doesn't leave it or she starts to shoot. Gain 1.5 sec stealth for allies and stealth bonus to you when entering the cloud.

    Talus': Rock Climber: Blitz Upper hits to the watching direction, not only to the horizontal projection. He can hold on the walls with his left hand while pressing space. This time he can shoot too. He can deploy his Rune Travel onto walls too. Reduce the cd of Blitz Upper by 3 sec.

    Zhin's: Kurakkuru: Whirl deals 100 more damage. If it hits a wall, he rebounds max 3 times. It has got 3s max duration. He can also turn 0.5 degree per every units he moves while using Whirl. He gains damage immunite during the period. He can stops Whirl whenever.

    Koga's: Jumping Spider: Increase the distance of Shadow Step by 50%. It moves to the watching direction, not only horizontal. If you hits a barrier with this skill he holds up (you can interrupt with any movement skill). He enters sealth while holding up but can't do anything, except watch around.

    Front Liners:

    Ash's: Brutal Bash: In the 30 unit radius around the Shoulder Bash hit, an explosion takes place, which knock back the same amount as the Kinetic Burst and deals 300 damage. If you hit someone with Shoulder Bash decrease it's cooldown time by 5 sec.

    Barik's: Turret Tactition: Increase the amount of the deployable Turrets to 3. He can deploy them at 50 units range and these give 20% reduced damage to the nearbody (within 15 units) allies.

    Fernando's: Force of Knights: Attack his closed shield or lance doesen't cause damage to him, and his charge deals 300 more damage.

    Inara's: Mother's Spear: Seismic Crash costs 50% energy and she gain damage immunity while channeling it.

    Makoa's: Turtle Waltz: The Dredge Anchor doesen't keeps the victim to him, but swing to the other direction until it's range or to a wall. It also stuns the target for 1 sec if it hits a wall. Reduce Dredge Anchor's cooldown time by 5 sec.

    Ruckus': Trampling: Advance deals 600 damage in a 15 units radius area.

    Terminus': Undead Rushing: Hitting an enemy hits at least 2 Clamity Charge increases him movement speed by 30% for 1s per Clamity Charge hit.

    Torvald's: Preserved Energy: Gauntlet has no damage falloff.

    Khan's: Deterrence: Enemies effected by Battle Shout lose 40% damage efficiency for 4s.

    Atlas: Time Connection: Activating Second Chanse puts Setback to the first enemy who Atlast touches while flying back in the time.


    Bomb King's: Petard Lord: Puppy bomb has 2 charges. Can not deploy two Puppy bombs at the same time.

    Cassie's: Roll & Loaded: Decrease Dodge Roll's cooldown time by 2 sec.

    Drogoz': Digestion: Increase Fire Spit's projectile speed by 100%. He gains 100% lifesteal against the enemy who's marked by a direct contact Spit. Reduce Fire Spit's cooldown time by 2 sec. (Masterful reduce the cd also at a direct contact)

    Kinessa's: Holo Emission: Transporter places her hologram first for 1.5 sec. It has got damage immunity and endless ammo. (It seems like a a bad TV broadcast: it has got vertical transparent lines, and the transporter hovers above her over the duration).

    Lian's: True Mistress: Eliminations garants her damage immunity for 1 sec.

    Sha Lin's: Slayer of Giaours: Impaler Arrow has 1.5s stun duration and triple push back distance.

    Strix': Sneaking Owl: His sealth doesn't exits when he deals damage.

    Tyra's: Patient Hunter: Eliminations increase the Crossfire's and Fire Bomb's duration by 1 sec.

    Viktor's: Besieger: He can alternating among of crouch and prone by pressing right click (the 1st click puts him to crouch). In these positions he can move with just 20% movement speed. He can end these by press F. He uses Iron Sights and gain 20% damage reduction while he is in these positions.

    Vivien's: Never Forget: She deals 30% more damage to enemy who dealt to her the most damage. Bonus deletes and the resets when Vivien or the hated one dies. (She don't own bonus damage until someone don't attacks her again)

    Willo's: Nature's Freedom: Flutter and Fae Flight gains 30% more movement speed and rudece Flutters cooldown by 0.2 sec per every 50 damage she takes.

    Dredge's: Depth Walker: Shortcuts don't disappear after exit from them. It goes to the longer cd after 2 usages. (So he can returns whenever)

    Imani: Refreshing Shift: Elemental Shift has 4s longer cooldown but increases her movement speed by 40% for 3s.
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