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    Lightbulb Cynthia, The Dimensional Traveler

    So hi, as I couldn't sleep tonight I had this idea for a new champ,

    Name : Cynthia
    Title : The Dimensional Traveler
    Role : Damage

    Health : 2100
    Speed : 350

    Shred : Throw the orb, dealing 500 damage when it goes trough an enemy.
    The orb is a projectile that travels at close range in 0.25sec (going to about one andro dash I'd say) damage is lowered to 300 at close range
    lmb can be held to increase the range at which the orb will go up to long range in 1sec (can't really say how far, the orb would have an acceleration over time) it's not a charge, it's channeled.
    The orb goes trough enemies.
    If lmb is held, the orb will follow player crosshair, courbing toward it (but it never goes backward, if player turns around for example, the orb will simply continue it's course straight forward).
    The orb goes trough enemies, and stays where it is until it is called back.
    lmb can only be used if the player hold the orb.
    Orb is a projectile dealing direct damage.
    Deployed orb is when you don't have the orb with you and aren't using shred nor backburst (basically when the orb is laying out there waiting for you to do something)

    BackBurst : call the orb back
    the orb will travels back to the player from it's current position going trough walls or whatever in a straight line, damaging enemies it goes trough for 500
    there is a minimum of 0.2 second before using backburst after shred

    Destroy: the orb explode dealing 500 damage in an area (a sphere of diameter about size of deadzone), after the explosion the orb is recreated in the player's hand
    can only be used while orb is deployed
    cooldown 8sec

    Traverse : the player teleport to the orb (obviously holding it afterward)
    obviously can only be used while orb is deployed
    cooldown 6sec

    Accelerate : for the duration of the ult your teleport has no cooldown and the orb will not deal damage to enemies it goes trough, the orb travels 100% faster, an explosion is triggered everytime you teleport (at the orb location)
    you can use your ult at 10% charge or above, every 10% adds 1 second to the ult duration (basically 1% is 0.1 second)
    the ult has a cast time of 1.5 seconds during which you can't do anything, if you receive damage during the cast, Accelerate is cancelled (you keep ult charge) you can cancel your ult anytime during it's use (you keep remaining ult charge) if you die during your ult you lose all ult charge

    talents :
    Destroying Traverse (wow originality -.- ) : teleporting to the orb causes it to explode (basically it triggers the first skill)
    Explosive Dance : during ultimate the orb travels 200% faster and explosion cd is lowered to 2seconds
    growing power : orb damage increases based on the number of enemy it went trough, damage is now as follow : 500 + 100*number of enemies it went trough, bonus reset when holding the orb (up to 1000)

    Cards :

    armor/weapon :
    Backbone : you gain {scale 50/50} maximum health
    Clipper : kills (not assists) reduces all active cooldown by {scale 10/5}%
    Dimensional feet : you gain {scale 5/5}% movement speed
    Replenish : eliminations heal you for {scale 100/100}

    Destroy :
    Repulse : enemies hit by destroy are now knocked back for {scale 200/200}
    Ravage : reduces Destroy's cooldown by {scale 0.5/0.5} seconds if it hit an enemy
    Renew : if Destroy hits an enemy, it heals you for {scale 100/50}
    After Blow : gain {scale 10/10}% movement speed for 3 seconds after using Destroy

    Traverse :
    Dimensional Barrier : after using traverse you obtain a {scale 50/50} shield for 3 seconds (internal cooldown : 10 seconds)
    Frequent Traveler : reduces Traverse's cooldown by {scale 0.5/0.25} seconds
    Dimensional Wind : using Traverse gives you {scale 15/15}% movement speed for 3 seconds (internal cooldown 10 seconds)
    Better Hide : dropping below 30% health resets Traverse's cooldown (internal cooldown : {scale 45/-5} seconds)

    Accelerate :
    Regen Boost : each kill (not assist) while accelerate is active gives you {scale 5/2.5}% ult charge
    Impatient : reduces Accelerate's cast time by {scale 0.2/0.2} seconds
    Hyper Drive : the Orb travels {scale 20/20}% faster during accelerate
    Swindler : you gain {scale 5/5}% lifesteal while accelerate is active

    Here's a bit of lore
    Cynthia somehow ended up with an orb existing in multiple dimensions (the orb can never be destroyed except if it get destroyed in all dimensions at once) this orb allows her to travel from a dimension to another
    She was an apprentice in the capital before the magistrate split up with the paladins (she was only a child at this time) but now she's fighting alone against the magistrate and the paladins

    she shall be reserved and secret, bit shy and very calm, try to avoid fighting, yet bad-ass when fighting, her colors shall be black, white and purple
    she shall have purple eyes (not purple like seris, something more intense)

    Missing :
    artworks (work in progress)
    more lore?

    feedbacks appreciated
    if you have any questions or if something is unclear tell me ^.^
    thanks for reading and have a good day.

    Big thanks to DaddyOoker for his help on this concept
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