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Thread: New Player Here - Old School!

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    New Player Here - Old School!

    Hello all.. I saw this game on Steam and Figured I'd give it a try. Spent the last 2 years playing OverWatch and Rocket league, and I really needed something new. I'm an old school Unreal Tournament player for more than a decade and this game is right up my alley! I like the champions,weapons and the idea of loadouts... Everything seems pretty balanced, except the teams sometimes I always say you're never gonna learn unless you play against people better than you.

    So the last 3 days I've spend much time playing and in the training room. I'm already at level 16 and I've unlocked 4 or 5 champions. Managed to get Jenos to level 8 and Grohk to level 6 yet I know I have a long way to go. Ranked is still locked and that's all good... I know I'm not ready yet! I'll probably wait til like Level 30 and unlock more champs.

    I do have a few questions if someone can help me out?
    Does Voice chat work in game? I haven't heard one word from anyone and it appears I have it enabled?
    Where are the servers located?
    Whats the best way to group up with players my level or a little higher and not kids?
    Any groups using Discord?

    And what are these cards I see in game that auto buy? I understand Loadouts but I also see cards like Cauterize, Life rip, haven?

    If anyone has the answers it be much appreciated. Thanks for your time and Hope to see you in game!

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    Voice Chat does work, I just believe that not a lot of people use it. It works for us on PS4 at least!

    I think the EU servers are perhaps in Germany, not 100% sure.

    Finding players is usually best in game I've found, not sure of any LFG servers though sadly.

    Illuminate: Enemies that go invisible are able to be seen whilst invisible from a longer distance per level.
    Resilience: CC effects last less time per level.
    Blast Shield: Lessens the damage taken from Blast Damage (Explosions, Fire Bomb, Melee)
    Haven: Lessens the damage from direct damage attacks (hitscan and such)

    Master Riding: Makes your horse run faster
    Nimble: Gives you additional movement speed.
    Morale Boost: Ult charges faster.
    Chronos: Makes abilities take less time. (Some are set to a base minimum timers though.)

    Kill to Heal: Kill and Eliminations grant healing per level.
    Life Rip: Damage you do heals you for x% of the dealt.
    Rejuvenate: Healers give you additional healing.
    Veteran: Out of Combat healing fills your health faster after timer is done.

    Bulldozer: Do more damage to deployables. (Imani's Dragon, Inara's Wall, Barik's Turrets etc...)
    Deft Hands: Reload quicker.
    Cauterize: Hitting an enemy reduces their healing by x amount for 1.5s.
    Wrecker: Deal more damage to shields.
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