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Thread: Sha Lin: Alternate Arrow Types

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    Sha Lin: Alternate Arrow Types

    Ok Aladdin is beginning to slowly trend downward in power do to his kit never being ideal for a damage and much better as a long range flanker...

    Since his stealth nerfs, sha is hardly ever a thing around my region. There are many other damage who apply better abilities to deny the point better then Sha Lin.


    Since Sha Lin has no functionality tied to his Reload Key (R), I thought that it would be an interesting feature to allow Sha to switch between arrow heads for alternate forms of damage application...

    For example: Standard Arrow (Broadhead) Deals up to 1k Direct Damage

    An alternate arrow type could be a fire variant that does less damage, but makes up for it by burning the target for a brief duration allowing the foe to be tracked into the next shot with reveal from burning as well as giving sha lin a more forgiving attack projectile in a fast fire fight.

    Like a 300-600 Direct damage fire arrow that applies 200 damage over 2s after impact as Blast Damage (Burning).

    I know it does not sound like much but consider all aspects of burning, the damage over time reveal and the additional out of combat recovery time.

    A better close quarters suppression arrow to lead into the standard broadhead arrow perhaps...

    If the burning arrow was poison and dealt damage based on targets max remaining hp for a brief duration, I think it would be talent worthy to have a minor debilitate on sha lin.

    Just something more to the dude you know.
    Let me know what you think.

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    His alt is fine, its the Planted skill and his ult that needs fixed and changed.

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