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Thread: 2.02 Update Notes | End Times

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    2.02 Update Notes | End Times

    End Times
    2.02 Update Notes


    With the help of Jenos and Imani, Valera and the Paladins have tracked the Magistrate to ancient ruins. Join the fray and battle within the shadows of Shattered Desert, a brand new Siege map. Attempt to control mysterious tears in reality for your faction and earn Chrono-Shards to unlock content in the End Times game mode and event.

    We’re improving quality throughout Season 2 with The Hunt: an initiative focused on process and quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and polish. Along with extended PTS, we’ve also expanded our programming team and devoted 20-40% of each development cycle to polish. The Hunt’s mission is simple: We want to end 2019 with Paladins in a better state than it’s ever been before.

    Cross-play and cross-progression have arrived! Champions on numerous platforms across the globe will now be able to group up and play like never before. Join your friends and follow the Paladins to the Shattered Desert, and perhaps together, you’ll be able to stop the End Times before they begin…

    You can read the full update notes for 2.02 here:
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    3rd Imani Nerf since PTS and both Koga and Dredge not even touched...

    Can we please get more details on "Reduced mana regeneration rate" change? Is it overall? Is it for both stances. How many Ice projectiles will she need to hit to be able to fire instant projectile now?

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    Is that Terminus? That is a sick look! Awesome!!
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    The best thing about the patch are the bug fixes and the sha lin skin.

    Quote Originally Posted by NeoRaider1988 View Post
    3rd Imani Nerf since PTS and both Koga and Dredge not even touched...
    It is not justified at all that they have not been nerfed yet.

    Stop making skins to jenos and give him a decent buff.
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    C'mon EvilMojo, no changes in Jenos, agane!!

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    You are missing a HUGE problem in crossplay. If I heard correctly on todays update broadcast in regards to crossplay, you guys said ONLY controller players will play with each other, and ONLY keyboard/mouse players will play each other.

    There are many like myself who use a controller on PC, but also use the keyboard to communicate in chat during match. Where to we fall in cross play? I play on PC because I enjoy the community better than the counsel players. Although, I HAVE to use a controller even though Im playing on PC. So this sounds like I will be forced to play with counsel players JUST because I am using a controller, even though I am on a PC.

    PC players are often more mature, and at the age of 40, I prefer to play with that community. Counsel has to many kids, which Im not interested in gaming with. If I am forced to play with counsel players, I will likely be forced to leave the game entirely. I fear a grave oversight by the development team has taken place in regards to this issue sadly.

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    hello guys, apparently me and my friend have issues on your launcher, ever since the update, the update is done we play for a while, quit the game next thing is we open the launcher again and hoala! the launcher is updating again... yup did that every single time we launch the game, it's tiring

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    I really enjoyed that you started the show with the HUNT. This is very important for Paladins.

    This patch is absolutely incredible. I can't wait to try all the new content in the PTS server.

    The new map is fantastic. I really like the desert theme.
    All new skins are simple amazing. My congratulatios to the Art direction.
    The new event seem really funny, with a lot of rewards and long duration. I think you understood what the community wants for the events.
    I like the new Senpai chest. I hope in more fantasy/casual skins like Jenos in future. I think you could add also more Uncommon skins.
    Nice job about the Crossplay feature. This will make happy many players.

    I expect a surprise and new cosmetic items for Valentine :P (yes, we need it)

    Moreover, I hope you complete all Splash Art and Golden skins soon.

    Anyway, Great Job EvilMojo

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    The patch looks fantastic. I said this in another thread but I'll say it again hear because I think it's important. I absolutely love the way Martini covered the bug fixes. I am so sick of carefully crafted releases that are vague and impersonal because peeps are terrified of giving anyone anything they can latch onto and form outrage around it.

    Martini came out, sat down, and without shame told us what was fixed, why it broke, and made no attempt at all to pretend it didnt exist or sugar coat it. He flat out said "it was doing X, and that's not a good thing right?". It totally shifted the conversation from an US and THEM to someone on the inside just sitting down and having a chat with us about things with more ease and openness than we might deserve lol

    I really appreciated the tone of that presentation and welcome more of it.

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