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Thread: Who thinks cross platform tournaments would be fun

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    Who thinks cross platform tournaments would be fun

    I don't know why the don't make cross play tournaments, pc has many more players than Xbox and I think that cross play tournaments would be a fun way to support them both on equal grounds. Console wars is cool on Xbox but it doesn't have the same effect as pc tournaments, on pc tournaments you get seen as a true professional game and get way more veiw time on YouTube,twitch,skillshot, and mixer. I just want an equal chance since Xbox player are getting keyboard and mouse capabilitys.

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    pc damage and flank players would absolutely trounce anyone with a controller, it'd be ridiculous and there'd be no reason for front lines.

    that being said if they roll up with a mouse and keyboard on an xbox they're just nerfing themselves without 144 hertz, might aswell buy an actual pc

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