Pretty much you give the community what they are asking for.
Make Viktor have a hip fire assault rifle with an automatic rate of fire and burstfire Ironsights.

However when you aim down iron sights I suggest you gain a Burst Fire mode that actually bursts fire, by firing three phosphorous Fire rounds that ignite enemies with Burning, dealing an additional 200 damage over 2s.

This should give Burst Fire enough pressure to make it useful at range while not over toning his dps from afar.

- When combining burning rounds effect with hipfire full auto, viktor will technically be dealing more damage per second for a limited time thus the name Firefight for the tactic seems quite apt. Retaining that a demand to use hip fire.
- Burning will aptly make up for vikors lack of utility from burstfire to provide easier ranged suppression without having to consistently hit many shots into an opponent.
- Burning will also be a worthy increase to damage application at range as any target hit will be consistently drained of HP regardless of falloff.