Ever since I was a regular mod I have been asking people not to disrupt this section. The QA team's job is to enter this section daily and read ALL the threads. If a read thread reappears, they must check if there's new information.

But people insist on "posting rants on bug reporting to get more visibility", or saying "My GaMe Is NoT wOrKiNg FIX IIITT", or making the same bug reports over and over and over with the excuse of "posting many times will make them know this is important!", and other related pseudo-excuses, just to go to another forum section to complain that bugs don't get fixed. The scariest part is that ALL of those quotes came from real people.

You want to know why some bugs are not fixed? Because you are not using this section properly. Yes, I am directly blaming you, who thinks this section is a theatre for you to make your scene. You know what's funny? I have seen numerous complaints about Pip's healing potion bug and Terminus bugs for a long while, yet I got Hi-Rez to solve them with ONE message. Why? Is it because they love me more than everyone? No, because I simply reported those bugs with the right info in the right way.

And since people insist on misusing this forum section, and teaching people didn't help at all, from this moment on, the moderation has agreed that you must be forced to use it right. Before posting a thread, use the search function. If there's no active thread about this (30 days), then you can make it. If you have a solution for a bug and it's not active, post it here, yes! But if you want to complain, "remind them that this bug is still active" or simply spam the forums with a fancy excuse, you will now get infracted over it.

Please, spare us and don't make a new thread to contest this. Nothing is changed by yelling.

Wear sunscreen.