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Thread: Androxus up too much?

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    The real problem is not the punch, he can kill enemies very quickly because the fire rate is too high (0.36)
    520+520+1040 (defiance fist) in less than 1 sec.
    (Old fire rate was 0.5 and damage was 600, no inaccuracy at long range)
    TTK (time to kill) and burst are the cancer of this game, I hate being killed so easly and quicky, I prefer a meta with more mobility , HP and less dmg than burst meta.
    He also needs 0.5 seconds delay before using punch after a shot, right now you can punch while the weapon fire animation, it is so annoying...
    Another thing : aiming with semiautomatic spammy pistol is easier than automatic revolver , I dont want androxus being a noskill high rewards champion! I remember the times when he was shooting slowly, when there was no OP punch, before ob59 1 year ago... that was the real androxus one of the hardest champion in the game.
    Lex is dead right now because the damage is just too low, no matter how many ammos he has got!! Bring back the old lex, when he was shooting slowly and he has 0.7 fire rate, not 0.35 x(
    We want the old hypermobility meta back, the game is boring and so unbalanced right now...

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    Why Andro is allowed to shoot this fast, for so much damage, for such a long time now, is something I will never understand. Several other campions got nerfed after their overbuff (like Maeve's daggers, while she never did as much damage as Andro currently does), yet Andro always gets the free pass, even worse, gets BUFFED with increased punch range that now hit multiple targets. How can a champion with an op base kit get a buff??
    One year Spamdroxus and no end in sight. As long as his revolver has more dps than every other primary weapon in the game, he will stay the unbalanced mess that he is for the past year.
    September 2017, OB59
    Androxus was turned into the Spam Lord for more damage than any other champion.

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