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Thread: Invalid game executable: Win64/Paladins.exe

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    Error : Invalid Game Executable: Win64 (1.8)

    So, I have this problem since a couple days ago, when i start the game, the usual screen with remix Strix appears with a Text:

    Invalid Game executable: Win64\Paladins.exe.


    ~I cant play, only the Pts works.
    I knew how to solve this via launcher, but now that the game doesn't have launcher anymore i don't know what to do :/

    Anyone has the same problem?

    Pd: I play on Steam

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    Quote Originally Posted by byakuran11 View Post
    what I did was go to steam where the name paladins appears, right click, properties, local files and then click on verify integrity of the files (the last option i think) and immediately it will leave a tab checking if something is needed in case of something missing something will be downloaded and ready ... that's all ,you can open paladins again.
    it worked for me ty

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    It happened to me playing on the separate launcher without using Steam.
    Installing the game from Steam solved the problem, tho.
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    I crashed mid-game and was unable to re-launch with the same error. Happened today.

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    • 1.- Verify files - It did not work
    • 2.- Reinstall the game completely - It does not work
    • 3.- Copy the game from a friend's PC - It did not work
    • 4.- Finally, check the trunk of my antivirus, in this case (Avast) - It works

    In short, for some reason paladins makes conflict with the antivirus, check their trunks of viruses, it might be in quarantine. This works for me.

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    invalid game executable: win64/paladins.exe in a 64b PC

    I already re-instaled this game a week ago and now i got this error again cmon anyone know how to solve this?

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    I tried to verify but now it wont stop its been going for 1h

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    Quote Originally Posted by neronaro View Post
    same to me, i even reinstalled the game but after one night of playing, it happened again this morning
    Invalid game executable: Win64/Paladins.exe
    the game is no't ruuing i don't what happen
    i have uninstall and download 4time
    please help me admins

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    im a steam user,deleted the game and reinstalled it 3 times already it works for a day or 2 and suddenly the paladins.exe file on win64 of binaries is lost from my computer,i cant even replace it with a new one because the folder detects for old files,
    i made my antivirus(avast) not to check the steam library folder too and it still doesnt work
    trying to download folder files through steam(by fixing the folder file option) doesnt work either because it redownloads every time it ends,so it doesnt end

    fix this hirez

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    Unhappy Good Morning Hi-Rez studios

    Hi Hi-Rez I have got a problem and I see it is a very common problem problem please I would like you to fix it I really need to play because I bought the battle pass. Thank you.

    From WarriorDanny....

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