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Thread: Invalid game executable: Win64/Paladins.exe

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    ATENTION! I just found out that my files were taken into quarantine from my Avast security , soo all i had to do was to restore them . It worked for me, it was soo annoying to not be aible to play , and with that being said i hope it helped you.
    sorry for my not perfect english >D

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    Ow and by the way , the problem was locked files , and paladins.exe somethin xd

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    when I start paladins loads well, until it reaches the beginning of the game, where it closes completely, it does not jump error or anything, then only the interface of errors but does not specify what error it is, I tried to uninstall and install the game again, I have done this several times where I have deleted the local files, the cache all from scratch to see if it was part of a poorly downloaded library, remove the antivirus, until you download the launcher not by steam but by the main page, which unfortunately it did not work either, I do not know what else to do about it.
    When I try to send a message to the support, there is an option, that of subcategory that has an error and does not allow to put any option so it was also impossible for me to talk with the service. :c help

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