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Thread: Strix Black Screen Post-ULT

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    Strix Black Screen Post-ULT

    Hi everyone i've just started posting the forums but i've been playing Paladins for quite sometime and
    theres been a bug thats been around for a while now and thats the stryx black screen post ult it only laste around 1-second or maby 2 but its just enough to get you killed,if theres anyone who has fixed this in your game pls let me know or mabey it a bug that they havent fixed yet,all i know it i'm tired of walking into walls for what feels like an eternity
    it be like that somtimes

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    This bug is around for over a year now. Until this is fixed, disable D3D11 in the video options. On DX9 you do not get the black screen from Strix' flash bang.
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