some of the tallent idea i have doth exactly have to replace the existing tallen but some are just made better and are suposed to be replcements

dark stalker- if you havent used all 3 nether step dashes the cooldown of nether step is reduced to 2 sec

over the moon-soar no longer has a cooldown and now has an energy bar (you can maximalsd soar for 3 sec and you recharge 1 sec fo soar in 3 sec)

rogues gambit-kills reset the cooldown of pounce and pounce makes you pass trought enemies and has a 20% incresed range

artfull doger-nine lives now has 2 charges wich have a 10 sec cooldown for each charge but nine lives now only resets the cooldown of one ability (now nine lives makes that you can cast an ability wich is on a cooldown)

exterminate-the range of solar beam is incresed by 20 units and now you can cast the ability again to stop the beam in place for the rest of the duration (also to mention the beam no longer doese 400 damage or stun if an enemie is in it unless they are in the beam when you stop the beams movement)

rampant blooming-using blossom will increse the healing that the affected playes take by 50% for 4 sec.

celestial touch-astral marks duration is redused by 50% but it heals 100% more (from 220hp per sec to 440hp per sec)

the power cosmium
-the target affected by void grip takes 20% more damage for its duration and you can use your weapon while void grip is active now.

agony-rend soul now stuns enemies for 0.5 sec for every soul charge they have on them (4 orbs mean a 2 sec stun)

steady aim-carbine now has perfect accurasy

nightshade-enemies who stad in deadzone now take 200 damage every second.

scorched earth-now allies who stand in deadzone get healed 500hp every second

formidable-when bellow 50% of your hp heal 200 health per second also your ultimate charges 15% faster

dragonfire lance-now you have 2 charges of charge and after charging you leave a trail of fire that doese 200 damage per second to enemies that stand in it (the trail lasts for 3-5 sec)

fortify-barricade has 3000 more hp doesent let enemies pass trought it and lasts 3 sec longer

half shell-shell shield now lasts 2 sec longer and now you can use your weapon while it is active

overdrive-for each 1000 damage you take, increse your weapon damage by 10% for 5 sec, stacks up to 4 times

flux generator- your emitters shield health is incresed by 1500 and allies withind a 30 unit radius get a 500 hp shield

undying-for each calamity charge you have hain 5% damage redution also your ultimate charges 15% faster

alternaiting current-your weapon shots now heal as mach shields as much damage they do.

dirrect current-nullify now also silances enemies and has an incresed range