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Thread: Cannot login in Main game

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARTE12 View Post
    it's not just iranians. some of my russian friends had the same problem :^/ and i don't think that it's ISP problem because i've tried many of them and still problem didn't solved.
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    fek konam moshkel az hi-rez bashe chon man ba 6 ta net e mokhtalef emtehan kardam 1.irancell 2.hamrah 3.bereliannet 4.mobinnet 5.mokhaberat 6.shatell hichkodom kar nakard
    Age akhbar ro donbal karde bashi midoni ke hodode 1-2 hafte pish ye seri attack roo zirsakhte internet anjam shod (oonjoor ke migoftan az tarafe esraeil bood). in moshkele login daghighan bad az inke in attacka ro daf' kardan pish oomad. man migam sherkate zirsakht ye tanzimati roo firewall esh anjam dade ke injoori be fana rafte. be hamin khatere ke farghi nemikone ba kodom ISP o internet vasli.

    Quote Originally Posted by JavadIr View Post
    to khodet ba tunsafe vasl shodi? bazi kardi? man nasb kardam. faghat be servere amsterdam va fanlandesh connect mishe vali bazam nemitonam log in konam.
    man ba tunsafe vasl misham play midam aslan ham be ping ezafe nemikone. az hamoon 3 ta server estefade mikonam bazi vaghta yeki dotash vasl nemishe vali hamishe yekish vasl mishe
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    Oh thanks god
    The problem has been solved after new patch update
    Good job Hi-Rez
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    hi people i know now whats the problem why we cant log in its the anti virus blocking the cmd.exe

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