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Thread: [EU][PC] New team forming - Coming from another game

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    [EU][PC] New team forming - Coming from another game


    Me and a couple of guys have been looking to start playing a competitive team based game. After playing tonnes of games trying to work out what game fits us best we have finally settled for Paladins! We are coming from various games, I am coming from Dirtybomb more recently playing at a top level (When there was a competitive scene) For Reason Gaming. My other two pals have played competitive fortnite (LOLOLOL) and dirtybomb at a decent level.

    Our lineup:
    Myself - 30 y/o from UK (Damage or flank)
    Poison - 18 y/o from UK (Healer)

    Prince - 18 y/o from CA (Multi skilled - will fill where needed)

    We are looking for someone who could fill the following requirements:
    1. Be aged 16+ and have show maturity
    2. From Europe to play in our main lineup - English speakers only!
    3. Be chill asf as I am old and cannot be dealing with whining and bitching.
    4. Play with us 2-3 times a week
    5. Join us on discord for voice chat!

    If you would like to join please just hit this post up. I will be playing today for most of the day. I would love to meet some of you for some games!


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    How you doing mate I am looking to join a team

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    We and my m8 are also two, we are diamonds, enough english but not perfect at least for me.

    Both we played dirty bomb on launch (we did not play on competitive scene tho)

    We played paladins on launch competitive scene for a while then we split from before team and now we back, if you want to form a team pm then.

    Extra Info: Me CSGo 800h Dirty Bomb 400 Actual Rank: Diamond V (Best Diamond 3) 90% of the time solo queque
    He: AvA 2K hours CSGo 500

    We both have 1k hours playing paladins without counting since nosteam
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