Hello viewers who are dropping by, under curiosity! Today, as my first post, I wanted to discuss some major ideas, since the game has great graphics and its servers are more stable. The ideas I wanted to talk about today are, "Can we bring back bodygroups","Could we add in more customizable settings for skins", and possibly ending it off, "Can we get customizable settings for custom games". Starting this off, why should we bring back bodygroups, it caused lag, you maybe asking yourself. Since the games Open Launch earlier this year, I think it is totally possible to bring back bodygroups, with some minor changes.

If you have forgotten what the bodygroup feature looked like, or want to know what it is...

Ok since now you have a refresher what the feature use to look like before it got removed, lets head into why it should come back. Some reasons why it should come back, it made your characters unique and feel special to you, because it was based on your customization. You could feel special by its voicepack, and design. This could make it more major improvement to those who came to the game due to the crazy customization, also since the removal there was no need for the customization head items anymore. Now here comes the hard part, some things that should be fixed, if it gets added, for characters who have recolors that don't change pieces, make it a little interesting. For example: Maeve doesn't have major head items, and only her band changes, you guys at evil mojo could design for some hair color that works with skin ideas. Alright sorry in advance for placing the customization for skins in with this, but it goes with this idea. Here is an image that someone on the Paladins Reddit Page came up with.

As the picture and people in the thread were talking about, it would be a great idea to do this. To further push this to a greater length, It would help those who have like 60 mil gold and have everything to get some gold out for their favorite characters, making some use out of it.
Thank you to those who are still with me on explaining these out these ideas, and hope become real in the future. To the final topic for this post, Custom game costumization, I don't mean crazy custom game things, but we could customize limits for characters, hp, and ability cooldowns, and ideas you guys have, and also for those who dont have all characters, we could edit permissions where in custom game they could to a point use them.

Final Notes:I know this won't get looked over, i couldn't find the right place to place this idea so i place it here, there is a strong possibly these ideas will not come to the game but we can believe. Finally, don't take me by the word, and go to the comments and post your ideas on this.