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Thread: Paladins Bug Reporting Template

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    Exclamation Paladins Bug Reporting Template

    Hey everyone,

    Reporting bugs is very important to a game, so we would like everyone to follow a template that will give the Paladins Quality Assurance team an easier time and all the information they need so that they can deal with your case and fix the bugs.

    If all of you can copy+paste this template into your bug reporting thread, it would be much appreciated!
    HTML Code:
    [b]Match ID:[/b]
    [b]DirectX 11:[/b] 
    [b]Detailed Description / Video or Screenshot:[/b]
    Once you have added the template, please fill in the template with the appropriate information. If you have any other comments for the Quality Assurance team, then you can also leave that in the post.
    Please be as accurate as you can be when giving your thread a title:
    • bad title: bug
    • good title: Battle Pass 2, Challenge 2, reward not received

    Please keep the following things in mind:

    • this is not to be used for reporting players, the Forums Code of Conduct still applies of course
    • This cannot be used for questions regarding already opened tickets, reply to the mail instead
    • posts not adding helpful informations might get removed from the thread
    • Account problems cannot be solved here, please submit a Ticket instead

    thank you and
    best regards,
    Paladins Forums Moderators
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