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Thread: Official Developer Q & A!

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    Is there any way you can change the trophy for "Last One Standing" so that it's actually obtainable without having the luck of all lottery winners combined? It's kind of ridiculously impossible at this point in time, and only those who achieved it either played in Survival mode before it was removed, or got it in the most lucky circumstances.
    This is my only question, and it keeps me awake at night, knowing I'm so close, yet so far for the Paladins Platinum Trophy >:[
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    So I played on PC for awhile and invested in a lot of cosmetics but my pc does not run as well as it does on my switch (yay potato pc) will their be another account transfer period for switch like their was for the other consoles. I have collected many limited items from the beta that I would like to use on my much more fun and accessible switch.
    Thank you and keep making such fun games.

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    Can we multi-que for ranked along with casual? Please I would love this. The benefits would be a drastically increased ranked population because right now most people(me included) prefer ranked but would rather just start playing right away instead of committing to a 7 min que so they end up just queing for casual. Please please please make this a thing.
    ma nema jeff

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaoShun View Post
    1. At the moment, many veteran players are burn-out mostly thanks to matchmaking and bugs. The Paladins viewership in total on Twitch is under 1k most of the time.
    Is there any plans to have a big event on Paladins to try to draw viewership and old veterans back while enticing new players?

    note : New champions and new skins effect aren't too great since there are plenty of new champs already, so the shock value is rather gone.

    2. Balancing issue : Please explain the reasoning why you guys prefer very low TTK even-though the community both pros and casual has both voiced their dislike about low TTK.

    note : TTK is far lower than OB53 when I first noticed your trend of lowering TTK with each patch and TTK is still being lowered even after you nerf mobility and max HP across the board (especially Frontlines and Supports HP)....

    I'll use my 3rd question later
    right time to use my third question card :
    - Seeing the debate about Koga between PC player and console player, where PC players don't have too much problem tracking Koga using mouse and keyboard while understandably console players have more difficult time to track him. So I wanted to ask :
    can you guys make a separate balancing team for Paladins on PC and Paladins on console ?
    or at least can we discuss the problems as much as you guys are allowed by company restrictions?

    I read that on Q & A and by looking at the balancing in general you guys look for an average between all platform and discuss the best solution for all platform. Which is to be honest, will not satisfy the crowd...

    I and many others here (as most of us here are older working people) understand balancing separately has higher cost in financial, man power and time (hence my question above was to discuss the possibility despite these obstacles) BUT seeing there are 4 platforms and different motion controllers, I think it's about time you guys consider separation of the balancing teams.
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    thank you for curing my Paladins addiction

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    1) Can you balance every flanks? Not fun to die to them fast in a 1 vs 1.

    2) Can you also revert the support health nerf? It's a stupid nerf. Getting killed even faster and unable to escape (quite obvious from a flanker). I'm sick of seeing my teammates spamming vhs and etc at me because "im not healing". Can't heal when i'm already dead.

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    When are you planning on bringing back the REKT chest?

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    I want ask. Can i play paladins with VPN? I want play with lower ping. My current ping in Europe servers is 130.
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    Here three questions for you:

    1) When you complete all Golden skins (as promised in 1.1 Release Notes) and the Splash art? (some skins are still without their picture, like Fernando God of War)

    2) You'll put the Account Rewards?

    3) You'll put a PVE game mode?

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    1: Are we ever going to get an event with a raid boss?
    2: Referring back to the first question, are we ever going to get a PVE game mode?
    3: Whenever I play a tank and an enemy Maeve is pouncing me the pounce seems to ignore the shield and deals direct damage to my health. Is the pounce supposed to ignore the shield?

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    1.Will there be more champion announcer packs like Evie's and Bomb King's?
    2.Will you make more crossover skins like Team Fortress Barik or SMITE Fernando?
    3.Will you bring back survival,pve and payload modes?

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