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Thread: Official Developer Q & A!

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    1.will grohk be recieiving any health buff's,since he is the one that needs to be on the objective the most while only having 2200 health

    2.have you guys ever considered using elements of champion concepts made by the community

    3.if old siege (the one in closed beta) would to come back would it be a different version of it or an exact recreation
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    1. Will blue skins be available for Crystals? If so, when?

    2. Do you have plans for adding more melee champions?

    3. Is there a champion that you struggled a lot to balance?
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    1)Are there any plans about the monetisation of voice pack.
    A team having full voicepack access is in a great advantage over the team that doesn't have voice packs, the reason is that you cannot know for example who asks for healing if everyone soulds the same. Also buying an Epic skin and not having a voice pack for it is like paying full price about something and get half the product.

    2)Can we expecy skin customization to returne. You can always make a new tier for skins that cannot be customised. All these hats you realsed with the battle pass are wasted on the default skin since some would look much better on recolors or other skins not to mention i want Lians white hair on all Lian skins D:

    3)What was the reason behind the removal of the recolor skins and card art sprays. I mean you have made them already, why take them away?
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    1) You have mentioned a Skye rework, both visual and otherwise I believe, so how far away are these changes in terms of patches and if any changes are being made to her kit what kind of changes are those? (Will it drop at a similar ETA as "Zhin's Apprentice"?)

    2) What kind of changes do we expect to be made to Ranked since you have essentially teased Rank 3.0?

    3) Would it be possible to add Sprays as a Gold Sink? (Especially since the "Last Call" of sprays wasn't even possible as most of the sprays were unobtainable.)

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    1. Now that summer has arrived, will we be receiving beach themed skins, specifically for Fernando?

    2. Since voice packs cost 200 crystals, can we atleast have an option to mix and match voice packs? We might be paying for the full set of voice packs but we can only practically use one at the moment.

    3. Will there be extra options for custom games? Like duplicate champions? Console currently has a bug which allows duplicate champs on private custom games when playing on stone keep (oddly specific bug).
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    I also wonder what is the plan with mastery rewards. Some people actually like the obsidian and cosmic skins, and I for one would like to see everyone get theirs, especially since it leaves less gaps mastery reward tiers. On a related note wondering if it's still planned to get everyone a mastery emote and MVP pose along with their golden skin. I just think everyone should get the chance to have stuff like that for their favorite characters.
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    1.) Will you guys ever fix terminus bugs for good? He's been bugged since release.

    2.) Can you fix mm to keep gold 3 and lower out of my plat ranked matches? Mostly when my enemy team is mostly diamonds and plats..

    3.) If ruckus was able to fly before and was a very fun champion, why change him into what he is now? No saying his design now is bad but yeah.

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    1. At the moment, many veteran players are burn-out mostly thanks to matchmaking and bugs. The Paladins viewership in total on Twitch is under 1k most of the time.
    Is there any plans to have a big event on Paladins to try to draw viewership and old veterans back while enticing new players?

    note : New champions and new skins effect aren't too great since there are plenty of new champs already, so the shock value is rather gone.

    2. Balancing issue : Please explain the reasoning why you guys prefer very low TTK even-though the community both pros and casual has both voiced their dislike about low TTK.

    note : TTK is far lower than OB53 when I first noticed your trend of lowering TTK with each patch and TTK is still being lowered even after you nerf mobility and max HP across the board (especially Frontlines and Supports HP)....

    I'll use my 3rd question later
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    Question 1: When will you fix match making?

    Question 2: If I am diamond and only able to queue with one platinum and above person, why am I getting in ranked games with silvers and golds?

    Question 3: Can you PLEASE revert the scopes on Kinessa and Strix?
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    Any chance you revisit hitboxes? Making them more accurate to each champion model? I recall Erez saying something in the lines that Evie would become hard to hit, but a counter argument to that would be her low health and giant head. At thevery least make em a bit smaller for thiner champions and kinda bigger for champions like tanks, it makes no sense rewarding aiming skill with extra dmg on headshots and then also reward hitting 'nothing visually' especially when you are trying to find cover. And ironically you have done exactly the oposite with some 'delicate' parts of some maps, most recent example was in an Ice-siege map-cant remember the name, where you could shoot through the thiner base of some cover near the capture point, and even if you had no visual clue that some1 was there the game rewards that. How can you call that as 'skill' as paladins is a shooter at its very base when you will be compared to every other shooter out there, for that particular tweak (big hitboxes-low aiming req)

    Why 'Items' (if they are still called that, I mean the cards you buy in game) are so dam powerfull that pretty much can negate character roles by a single person? Instead of stacking from different players promoting teamplay via focusfiring (e.g. imagine a cauterise that is 50% at max rank and from 2 ppl it would cause a 75% heal reduction, which in turn would mean that your tank can help you by shielding/covering you since his shield wont be 2 shot since less enemies have the shield busting card). Also in regards to the old "aggression" card. You removed that because it was counterintuitive with heaven and blast shields purposes. How is the rejuvenate-cauterise any different ? you buy cauterise to reduce enemy healing and most comonly the enemy tank will answer with rejuvenate, making, at 3/3ranks of both items, the enemy tank receive 40% of incoming heals. Why not remove rejuvenate and dull cauterise to have a similar effect?

    What happened to skin customization? I recall in CB 28-ish twitch streams that either erez or drybear said they wanted to allow us to customize each champion. I came back and I couldn't even change the head.
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